Dreams – The Interpretation

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true which makes life interesting.” 
– Paulo Coelho
Do I believe in this or not is a question, but what exactly does Coelho mean by a “dream”? A ride to utopia during the night or fantasizing an event during the bright day? The Alchemist would interpret this dream as the realization and pursuit of one’s “personal legend”. This vague and illegible observer, however, terms ambitions, aspirations and intents as dreams. The road to of destiny is twisted, dusty, rugged and torn; the journey is long, tiring, arduous and challenging. Challenges make life difficult but interesting – An arguable notion. Each one is born with a talent, skill or trait that makes him special. There may be a Jack of all trades but there isn’t a Master of all trades. One’s strengths would always be unexploited and ill-utilized resources until the spade of hardships is pierced into them. If there wasn’t a defense line keeping a goal, scoring the finest goals would be easy but not extravagant. Challenges bring the best out – An undeniable fact. Not everyone is destined to have everything and not every struggle is a success story. The journey must be continued through heat and tire. The chosen path may leave one stranded in the middle of nowhere, wonderland perhaps. But the caravan must move forward. It’s the courage to continue that counts, as remarks Churchill. Saddle up… One only needs courage, staunch intent and robust dedication to battle the odds, hop across the pits and plunder the castles of fear in the quest of conquering the kingdom of Dreams – And the quest makes life interesting…


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