The phrase that hears every ear these days, Democracy Is Endangered, is quite controversial. If the intellectuals could explain to the commons like this immature commentator the meaning of this statement then it would benefit the society. Democracy to the theorists and scientists, however, remains to be an affair “to the people, for the people, by the people.” If the hypothesis stands any value claim than it is likely to conceive an idea that the practitioners of democracy should be the representatives of the people and elected by the people to serve the people. If the parliamentarians are for the people, by the people then it remains a compulsion on them to be with the people. If the hypothesis is somewhat not fallacious then the elected representatives of the people should talk of the people, for the people, with the people… If the alliteration is so coherent then it sits due on the parliamentarians to lend an ear to the grievances of the masses, scrutinize the past failures, identify the systemic faults, address the primary challenges facing the common man’s survival and ensure the just service of fundamental human and citizen rights to the people…
If the above premises are sound and valid then what is the status of the government which is alleged of committing of theft on the nation’s right to vote, charged with murder of innocent civilians, accused of denial of justice, burdened with poverty of ten million, questioned of sincerity to state institutions…?
The query propelling the commentator’s nieve sense of comprehension to bewilderment is: Is it the democracy under threat or are the people endangered by the demand for service of justice…?
Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers…

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”
– Winston Churchill


The Unsung Hero – A Tribute to Womanhood

Her surge is a struggle that is incessant
Like some usung hero, a sergent
Bound, taken down yet so fervent

To her the art of nurturing is known
From her hand the seed of life is sown
Each day, till dusk, since dawn

The.essence of society, the key, the shield
Without her, there would be no fruit, no yield
Wash, clean, cook and pick from the field

Storms haunt, hails frighten or shines the sun
Seven days a week, she remains on the run
With panels to knit, with woods to burn

Shackled to customs, thrown into a cage
Oppressed by law, her sentiments seldom enrage
It is from her crib that begins the life’s voyage