Posing Threats to Pakistan’s External Sovereignty – The US Drone Strikes

Post the tragedy of September11,2011 and the first assault on American soil the World Super Power unleashed the wide scale War on Terror. The war undertaken for the eradication of terror endorsing units around the globe has affected Pakistan domestically as well as internationally. The state has been tagged with titles as Terrorist State, Rogue State, the International Migraine et cetera. Domestically the nation has been subject to massive bloodshed, terror and destruction in socio-economic perspectives.  Pakistan has been the major victim of militancy laid from both side: America and the Terrorists. The terrorists have seen Pakistan’s rugged Northern Areas as hideouts from assaults in across the border territories of Afghanistan and the people of Pakistan have been the prey of their ideological extremist activities vitally through suicide bombings. The sons of the soil have been and are being crucified at the altar of what remains a topic of concern for naïve intellects. On the opposite to this atrocious slaughtering and unjustified sacrificing of blood to inhumane practices the American forces in collaboration with International Community stand as an ally inflicting brutalities on Pakistanis. America and its post World Trade Centre Tragedy associates have undertaken wide variety of warfare tactics and strategies to claim this Guerilla War, to which Pakistan stands as a stout actor, which have rendered controversial consequences. One of the methodologies employed by the technologically advanced alienated forces of Anti-Terrorism clans has been Drone Strikes.
Drones, the programmed crafts which set their trajectory to a specified target and shoot to vandalize it from thin air, are the finest warfare equipment employed by the United States of America to hunt and shoot dead the terrorists hypothetically hiding in the Northern Areas of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The tabled question is outlined in a manner to inquire how these aerial strikes violate the external sovereignty of Pakistan. Every legitimate coin has two faces and so the critique on this issue has two aspects – Yes and No.
The state of Pakistan affirms its rigid stance on Drone Strikes and has denied on several global forums including the United Nations’ desk any concede to or sanction of Drone Strikes within its territorial bounds. It vehemently negates all such postulates which state of Government Pakistan’s consent to the exercise. Any assault made vanquishing a country’s territory without consent of the state is Violation of the External Sovereignty of the State by all codes of International Sovereignty Laws and the Laws of Domestic Privacy.

The continued exercise of Drone Strikes by the United States of America poses challenge to the Parliamentary Sovereignty of the State of Pakistan and its legitimate Independence for the Parliament of Pakistan has unanimously agreed upon numerous resolutions which attest of the State’s standpoint on Drones: United States of America must halt the process of subduing the state’s geographical borders. Through this, America stands infringing all the laws of International Sovereignty and the United Nations Charter of use of force, also to be held alleged of extra judicial murders in the very context.
The Amnesty International and Human Rights report released the precious year brings under question the surgical nature of Drone Strikes in Pakistan. By the norms of warfare, as the proposition team to legality of the aerial assaults, no brigade may assault the non combatants, innocent civilians should not be subject to hostilities, women and children should not be assailed, crops and building should not be destroyed, the soldiers should not rendered to unjust violence and the prisoners of war must not be conducted with vicious regimes. The ground information puts forth fact otherwise to the proclaimed objective of the Drone Strikes inciting figures of civilian casualties. The report builds on this foundation to declaration of US Drone attacks as violation of the external sovereignty of Pakistan.
Defying the humanitarian norms and the flagship laws of human rights protection the United States of America stands on the negative and a culprit to the state and the people of Pakistan as asserts the United Nations having undertaken a secret inquiry of civilian casualties as a consequence of the unlawful drone attacks. It was decreed in March 2013 by the United Nations after the report of the investigation upheld that US Drone strikes subjugate the external sovereignty of Pakistan.
On the basis of the above documented premises it is a fact concretely established that US Drone strikes violated the external sovereignty of Pakistan and with their counter productivity renders Pakistan subject to collateral damage and socio-cultural massacre as the child witnessing extra judicial homicide of his relations retrieving perhaps only a piece of their flesh which would be a vulture’s morsel, would only grow up into an avenging rage set to burn alive the remains of his family’s assassins/.
The war, to which Pakistan is a party, can never be won through muscle of artillery. Militant action dwells as a requirement but negotiations and intellectual grooming of the nation alongside address to fundamental deprivations of the people is the sole solution to the predicament encountered.