Introducing Me: Identity – More Than A Name

Love me or hate me, I am me – the crazy young me! Have been around here for more than twelve months and not surprisingly as an unnoticed commentator. The English idiom for the Urdu phrase pouncing in my mind right now is: it’s better late than never! So, here is a big hello to the world! Introducing me: this is Zahra from Pakistan or more precisely a twenty year old girl named Zahra from the city of Lahore in the Asian country of Pakistan; this is the right way to introduce oneself, isn’t it so? My name can very well identify me but is it the whole of my identity? I believe otherwise.

What did you conceive when this piece of text read you that I hail from the land called Pakistan? Never mind, I’m sure to erase the conceptions; if it were some text message I would have inserted a smiling emoticon after the last remark.

“Zahra, is a youth with a persona unique to her – developed through the course of time ageing in an environment that ensured her intellectual nurturing to observe, learn and grow which perhaps pretty much aptly explains this domain in use: Facts and Commentary. She is fluent in her mother tongue and Pakistan’s lingua franca Urdu and possesses an exceptional command over what would ideally be called the language of the world, English. Interested in history and culture she has learned a very few basic words from foreign languages alongside her ethnic medium of communication Punjabi. Economy and politics interest her and sports, cricket in particular have earned her fondness while cartoons and animes have always been an attraction, a voracious reader but not a book worm as technology is convenient enough to lend the world at a click’s access to innumerous articles and what not and has a peculiar taste in music, arts and crafts. She is a happy go lucky vibrancy wandering about the walkways flaunting her self-absorbed observant dressing stealing chatters, giving away a chirpy smile and speaking her complex mind, composes her tunes and dances her own moves. Simply oddity in disguise of a youth!” reads the book of biographies residing in the shelf tagged “1995” in the old archive.

Have I identified myself, really? No! My identity is my surname in the society, my nationality in the lands demarcated as outer spaces to my beautiful homeland’s territory and my skill to interact and ability to juggle with words here in the world of writers rather bloggers. I am a writer by no academic qualifications, trainings or made choices; I am a writer by trait, a natural player of words be them Urdu or English… I am no champion though! Learning through life is what I believe in and that is what keeps me going. Why do I exist in this world away from the one we all originally belong to? I am here to state facts and make comments; facts about anything or everything about the life that I live… a journey of challenges in this mortal world… and comment on anything or everything about the life I live… an extravaganza, a spectrum of colors…

An identity is but beyond a name and now you know mine, will you join me in my quest to bring a positive change in life of my own and everyone else because I wish the world was a gentler place?

Hasta La Vista, Amigos!

17 thoughts on “Introducing Me: Identity – More Than A Name”

  1. Hallo 🙂 What struck me when reading your post here was not that you are of Pakistani origin but that you are twenty years old and write with such refined manner, intelligence, honesty, bravery, and so many qualities to be in awe of. Much respect and admiration and very best wishes to you Colette.


      1. I sincerely hope you have some brighter and trauma-less moments to enjoy and reflect along the way also. I am sorry I have not spent more time visiting today but will return and read more. Your writing is very compelling. Very best wishes, Colette

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  2. Some days are bright and pleasant while some are dark and thunderous, aren’t day? Will pick the neon palette for my next craft, God willing!
    Come back any time, I like visitors; they, however, might not be as talkative as I am. 🙂


  3. I’m pleased to meet you Zahra, Am delighted to know you are a Pakistani . It was once my homeland too, until the evil politicians separated us . Now I’m a Bangladeshi, I still love Rawalpindi, where we lived once upon a time. 🙂

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    1. Hi Ranu! It is a pleasure to meet you too! 🙂 Asha kori apni bhalo achen! 🙂 I hope I didn’t make a blunder there, my Bengali is quite weak. hehhe.I am delighted to know that you still love Rawalpindi. Let the evil die its death, what lies in the heart is what matters 🙂

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