Fresher Becomes A Junior: Ends the Sophomore Year

It is time that flies and I be the adventurer cast a spell on myself and flew along – wingardium leviosa – swish and then flick!

It was exactly two years ago when I merited my admission to this hundred years old institution in Lahore, the name is quite English though, Kinnaird College. It were the summers in two thousand and thirteen when I cleared the entrance exams and the interviews and finally set myself on the road to become an Economist and later to realize that Newton was right, for every economist’s theory there exists another economist’s equal and opposite theory – no, wait, newton was talking about forces! I should be very sorry for my dull humor though the world would have been in chaos if some dull person did not tell them that their means can’t meet their ends, we all want the best we can get, don’t we! I got what I wanted, admission in the city’s primer institutes for grooming girls and producing the most success females in the country.


August the twenty sixth was my first day at the university and finding myself before a computer desk to enroll in various courses got my head spinning that very evening. However, the day at the campus was short because you can’t go on with an orientation program for too long I suppose, it already makes half the attendees dizzy. As for me I was wide awake, the motto was fascinating, charming and inspiring and pretty much a canon to live by. “Light to guide us, courage to support us, love to unite us!” The motto is pretty much the persona of a true KCite in herself and me too, perhaps. With light, courage and love I began my journey as a fresher. Tiring schedules, arduous workload, lectures, assignments, quizzes, projects, exams… friends, chatters, laughter, gags, snacks, music… events, people, experiences, performances, prizes… learning, growing, prospering… And ended the sophomore year.

I am as anxious for the university to reopen this August as I was excited for August the twenty sixth to break two years ago, the transition from a fresher to junior was an experience in itself and now the junior awaits at the platform number nine quarters for she anticipates a better journey ahead, I await the arrival of the Kinnaird Express!

Until I graduate, please keep your theories in reserves, I am already paying quite a high rate of interest for having an interest in the existing ones. And this is so unfair that my keyboard doesn’t have a “tongue out” key on it, somebody should be fined for this.

WP_20150810_19_27_02_Pro (2)

Waiting makes me hungry, time for a snack!



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