The Weekly!

I have been lost, away… No, I did not wander away to Timbuktu! I was home! I was lost and stuck in work and I missed all the lovely beings of this world, the writing and blogging world. I pretty much belong here, I believe. And if I don’t belong here then I love paying a visit in a while just to say hi! I am free today, at least this hour! Reading and skimming through blogs and catching up on everything I have missed in the past few days. And yes, listening to my favorite songs while writing this.

Apologies people, markets in Timbuktu were all closed so no souvenirs for you folks. I don’t know if they went on stroke upon my visit. Sigh… However, I have learned today that it is important to be much regular on blogs than I am. I clear my terms with hundred percent attendance but if they asked my presence in the blogging world, I’d be detained and sent to community service.

Learning from my mistakes, that humans generally don’t do and I already doubt my status of being an earth origin, I am going to be more regular. I will post on every weekend. Oh, yeah, big day people. University starts on Monday, I will be a junior! This calls for a hangout on the first day, going to WhatsApp my crazy gang now! So, weekends will be here, in the blogging world like a pixie back in town. Every week I will write something, silly, boring, serious, or simply annoying like me! But I will write. And perhaps, we can have something out of Pakistan or from anywhere in the world as my post topic, that I fancy that is! If there were to be a sacred fire torched at a plinth in the name of which we took our oaths in this tinsel town, it would have been so amazing! Here we go again, I am blowing another bubble! Pinned and burst! Bang! Do bubbles burst that way? Skeptical!


But, there will be a post every weekend, Zahra’s word!

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