Being Human…

Was skimming through some material on the internet, for a friend’s project and suddenly found my thoughts setting focal on one query! Not to falsely imply that I began to question the very existence of myself or anyone, but plainly the attention was jittery on everything else and fastened to one hook primarily.

Before being anything or everything that one is, each one is a human! The question that arises what it really means of being a human? Does it mean to have the physical body structure that hypothetically only humans have? Is it the gifted intelligence of the race, the ability to ponder, investigate and discover? It is any sort of a scientific calculation that determines the status of a being as that of one from the most superior race of beings, a human? Does being human mean simply dwelling in a social setup and not isolated? Or does it mean having a political nature? Being indulged in the affairs of trade and commerce? Or does being human means taking pride in territory, race and creed? Is it human only to create and discard and recreate device and be the deviser not the devised? What does it mean to be a human?

Being human is to have a heart; not a piece of flesh equalling the size of your clenched fist, not a vibrating chip that regulates a flow inside, but a heart with universality and purity of love within. Being human implies in no manner implies to assume superiority over creatures of God, but in all due respects allotting their rightful places in this ecosystem. Being a human means to give the status of human dignity to every human being residing on the face of our planet. Granting of rights and honor in equity, equality and harmony. All men are not equal but none is superior to another rather. Humanity is no comparison to the weights of luxuries, it is granting of basic human rights by one to another. It is a smile of assurance, a pat of appreciation, a hand held out for aid, a shoulder lent to cry on… a bite from bread shared, a moment from happy lives spared, an ear to sink in the despair and a hug for understanding…

Human mind is the hub of discernments, assumptions and perceptions that we create our worlds with, revolving on the focal of our thoughts, experiences and ventures. Perceptions are delusional and fabricated realities are never the actuality of existence. Overlooking the situations hampering the ways of our fellow humans, the challenges of the arduous human mortality encountering the fundamental dynamics of difference in lives and experiences of every individual; we tend to weigh the cotton and silver together in one balance. Remember the basic significance of the silver fiber and the ornamental metal in the regulation of our days. The fiber makes clothing, the need of all and sundry and the metal makes the ornament, the luxury of the few. Terming discrimination as differentiation, by no single mean, alters the sense of one’s act. The strong, if devour the weak, can’s ensure their own survival. But the impossibility of existence of a classless society does not neutralize the need for equity, just distribution and harmony. A human is every man who faced the horrendous face of the evil but didn’t shake hands with it to guarantee his own life. A human is every creature who protested against brutality against other humans and the man too, who saved a dying language-less animal. Human is who can see through the pink glass of his one illusions and cease to hallucinate of other’s misery as their commitment to evil or unhuman activism. A human is, who considers the other human of his kind with due disrespect to race, color and creed.

Being human is but to possess a heart; love, empathy, care, respect, generosity and compassion. Being human is, extending understanding not echoing shrills, that of our own perceptions. Bulleh Shah rightly warned man against surpassing his own humanity when he said, “Masjid dha dey, mandir dha dey, dha dey jo kuj dhenda; bus kisey da dil na dhaveen, Rab dilaan vich renda…” which meant: “Destroy the mosque, destroy the temple, destroy it all that is destructible; Just don’t break a heart for God resides in each!” God is love, and so is the human heart. Being human is to have a heart!



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