Round Like A Basketball

Things happen just like that! Spontaneous reactions, responses and replies are often the more appropriate for leaving a mark than the most well thought remarks, conclusions based on analytics. Or perhaps the spontaneous responses are the vaguest and the most meaningless. Whichever may be true, something happened today, the aftershock of which was rather hilarity. In conversation based on a few many tasks at hand, a friend of mine stated of a wish to flee from the burdens of daily life and get some peace. I, residing on the other end of the conversation, very thoughtlessly replied: It’s a round, round world, my dear! You’ll fall in this part of the world from wherever you hop off to. Its round like a basketball. The responsive expression to her meaningful sadness was hundred and eighty degree lip line and blinking eyes. She wanted to smack my head with that eight hundred pages foreign authored book, I know! But what can I do? If it weren’t for Newton and Galileo’s time killing, I’d have thought of myself as simply capable of hopping my way to Mars and then to Jupiter and then back to earth, in the fields of Andalusia and then the plains of Uzbekistan, perhaps paying my hello to the statue of liberty and finally ending the day in my sweet home… Round and round, off and on the ground! I could have watched Germany win the last world cup as well… Viva Brazil! Wasn’t that bad on TV, to be honest! Hmm…!

I am hopping out of here, have a quiz to prepare!

The world is round, we might bounce into each other someday! Until then, happy blogging everyone! I have to see what TZ is up to, as well!

Hasta La Vista, with a sprightly wave!




In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Change.”

Numbers is all I see in this world I guess! Charts and pies, even the pizza seems an analytical tool at times. A delicious one though, chuckles! This was supposed to be a photo challenge and I ended up creating a graphic design for it! But we can always do things in our own way, right? I fancy prototypes, honestly! As it is my own creation, so I am adding it to my Snapshot Stories !

Change is inevitable, a canon of nature and a philosophy time, space and life! It is every continuing and it is always gradual! Hurrying to a change is a futile attempt in all respects. Awaiting for it idly is, however, equally fruitless. Working towards Change is fundamental to its coming. Change is as common as uncommon we perceive it to be! Change occurs through every fraction of time, it is persistent in its coming, not in its form though!


Three Strokes of a Brush


Nature always wears the colours of spirit!

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Emerson may have been quite jubilant or very low when he wrote his words. I wasn’t there to have judged him, as Picasso said that colours and features follow the changes of emotions. If only I could observe him…

I splashed these colours on a white sheet and brushed rather freely, save the detailing in the edges of which look to me, like waves… I could have been a little more creative but only if I were versed in the art  of strokes. However, it makes me smile, the vibrancy of the wavering patterns! I enjoyed colouring the blank sheet, quite much to may fancy!

If you were in my place, which colours would you pick? I gave my palette a few many rotations, don’t know what I was looking for!

And so, here is my snapshot story for the week! For more, flip to Snapshot Stories!

Hope you like them!

Smiles, Light and Love!


Words of Worth!

“It is not defeat that destroys you, it is being demoralized by defeat that destroys you!”

Imran Khan

Motivational, inspirational, encouraging and the slice of his very own exemplary life; the man is a true persona of what could be qualified as ambitious, motivated, determined, dedicated, steadfast, upright and courageous. The name is Imran Khan and the life of his, is a success story, a tale of endeavours for what was most casually perceived as impossible but utterly a matter of working unfalteringly, for him! The most successful captain in Pakistan’s cricketing history, the most charismatic and evenly one of the greatest all-rounders in the world of cricket…the ace speedster, the dependable scorer and the skipper to captain to victory; the man whose philanthropy is no less a national heroism by any standards of service to his people; the politician in persona of a struggle against the might of the status quo and a hope of a brighter future for the many of his and my land who dream of living the Pakistan Dream one day!

Needed him to crop a few many stumps out of the sockets for more than two decades for Imran Khan to lead Pakistan to its maiden world championship triumph, having ended up as a semi-finalist five years earlier under his own captaincy. The world came down and the flags went up and we came at number one, the 1992 crown is still cherished by the delirious followers of the sport of cricket, including me!

Imran-Khan-receives-1992-Cricket-World-Cup-Trophy-in-England (2)


Captained the combat against the fatal ailment of cancer as he knocked on every door for charity to build Pakistan’s first and the biggest cancer cure hospital which now serves over seventy percent of its patients for free, run by the most benevolent nation in the world that donates over three billion rupees per annum; they bless him unconditionally for this service. The institution shall stand strong even  after him; proud am I to be a volunteer for the cause. Planted the seeds that shall grow into flowers of educated young Pakistanis on the land of Rikhi, a charitable educational institution; the advocate of education-to-light’s first step towards a brighter tomorrow!


After decades of dwindling survival, hope shimmered in the old eyes with wrinkled bags, faith in destiny reawakened in the hearts and kindled a sharp amber of ambition of turning the tide of battle against the odds of a brighter future when the fourteen year old Pakistan’ Movement for Justice rose, ideology reinforced, to grandeur on October the thirtieth in the year two thousand and eleven when the air in my city seemed electric and the sky became a canvas upon which were splashed or white, green and red; waving flags and awakening hopes.


That was the commencement of the new era, the era of awakening… things have changed massively ever since, yet need of a greater change persists. Eighteen years of unwavering working towards his mission in life, losses and gains, rises and falls… when they said he is down and he is out, he rose up and he fought back and fought hard, with support of millions! In Pashto, the ethnic language of the province under his governance, they call him their leader – zamunga masher Imran Khan dey! The struggle continues… the ace captain is not out… one hundred and twenty six, innings declared; world’s longest sit-in protest demanding the sanctity of votes and the basic rights of the commoners; success is the ripened fruit it bore. The fight shall continue, until the dawn we envision, we dream, we endeavour for… His dream, my dream, our dream!

Churchill said, the courage to continue counts! Imran says, defeat doesn’t destroy you; his actions and inactions are a concrete evidence of his postulate; the results that he has shown… the lesson!

My Writing Desk

Am I someone that the formal dictionary would classify as a writer or a blogger? Doubts I carry, regarding my very own potentials while smiling as I contemplate what exactly could be a writer! Is there a set criterion for a writer’s designated writing space? One should have a particular journal or may be specific nook to sneak into, with the laptop? Do we always need to write at night or early morning or pick a particular font? It always is Times New Roman for my academic works, unless specified otherwise. And yeah, I stare at the walls instead of the laptop screen while rummaging through my teeny tiny brain for words, phrases or even linkages and ideas. Trust me, the wall to the right of the bedroom was the same tint of blue as it is today. It was the same on Saturday as well. I am so sad there are no changing portraits on it. How amazing would they look…? A cliff top when I thought height, cosmos when I perceived the space green night sky and crisscross word art when I couldn’t optimize a production function to minimize costs… It’s just a good old plain bluish wall, not that old actually; I had the hue changed a few months back only. Blue is one of the colors I fancy; peaceful and vast like the sky.

The thing is, I don’t really have a writing space. I write when my writing instinct gets functional. “Activating Writing Switch 2.0 alpha. Booting the system. All files copied. Activation complete!” Something similar must be the procedure. At dawn, during dusk, while the sun shines brightly or sleeps the whole house… Lahore tends to keep awake 24/7… I just need the key and words begin to leave imprints on either my laptop, my phone or a writing pad… I don’t really have a space designated for it. And I write here because I enjoy the interactions here. People who take out time to read my words and leave reviews have my thanks and respect. I cherish the conversations in this world of ours, where I am not certain if I fit in.

I have to turn on my Analytical Switch now, assignment and quiz awaiting. My good pals they are! They never leave me alone. Smiles.

The Ignored Darkness


Light shines brightly solely because there always exists a reminisce of the dark…

I clicked this shot yesterday, while I was sitting idle midst a bunch of friends. We were all sitting idle, actually. Sporadically exchanging quiet smiles or cracking a one liner joke and journeying together, yet alone, through the hot sweaty day. I looked over my shoulder while observing the many students occupied in various affairs of varied sorts and yet equally significant for the concerned, as to be least specific. I, the one very keenly observing the rest, caught a glance of this corridor opening and the idea of our ignorance to dark in the brightness of the day struck me! We tend to be ignorant of all the existing factors in presence of a more influential and dominant one. Don’t you agree?