My Writing Desk

Am I someone that the formal dictionary would classify as a writer or a blogger? Doubts I carry, regarding my very own potentials while smiling as I contemplate what exactly could be a writer! Is there a set criterion for a writer’s designated writing space? One should have a particular journal or may be specific nook to sneak into, with the laptop? Do we always need to write at night or early morning or pick a particular font? It always is Times New Roman for my academic works, unless specified otherwise. And yeah, I stare at the walls instead of the laptop screen while rummaging through my teeny tiny brain for words, phrases or even linkages and ideas. Trust me, the wall to the right of the bedroom was the same tint of blue as it is today. It was the same on Saturday as well. I am so sad there are no changing portraits on it. How amazing would they look…? A cliff top when I thought height, cosmos when I perceived the space green night sky and crisscross word art when I couldn’t optimize a production function to minimize costs… It’s just a good old plain bluish wall, not that old actually; I had the hue changed a few months back only. Blue is one of the colors I fancy; peaceful and vast like the sky.

The thing is, I don’t really have a writing space. I write when my writing instinct gets functional. “Activating Writing Switch 2.0 alpha. Booting the system. All files copied. Activation complete!” Something similar must be the procedure. At dawn, during dusk, while the sun shines brightly or sleeps the whole house… Lahore tends to keep awake 24/7… I just need the key and words begin to leave imprints on either my laptop, my phone or a writing pad… I don’t really have a space designated for it. And I write here because I enjoy the interactions here. People who take out time to read my words and leave reviews have my thanks and respect. I cherish the conversations in this world of ours, where I am not certain if I fit in.

I have to turn on my Analytical Switch now, assignment and quiz awaiting. My good pals they are! They never leave me alone. Smiles.


20 thoughts on “My Writing Desk”

  1. You are quite close to the method of TED HUGHES’ thinking for the composition of his literary work… I agree,,,,,,, You can write only when you WANT to write otherwise forced thinking never works

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      1. 🙂 It is better leave thinking about him,,, his wife committed suicide and then his next girlfriend adopted the same method to kill herself as of Hughes’ first wife 😦


  2. Dear Zahra,

    It has been long since we interacted and I don’t know why 😛

    I find your writings beautiful.

    I feel we are all brighter than we think. It’s our squelching and editing of natural gifts that makes us look inferior and it’s a product of our culture and society. Things are changing for better and I hope we will all usher in an era of creativity and spontaneity very soon.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Hello Ananad! 🙂
      Haha. I’m intrigued. The reason is my sporadic presence, I presume. 🙂
      I’m humbled to have your review and I tend to agree with you. It is mere conceptions and perceptions that we make, hampering our realizations.
      Change is indeed inevitable. 🙂
      Zahra 🙂

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