Three Strokes of a Brush


Nature always wears the colours of spirit!

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Emerson may have been quite jubilant or very low when he wrote his words. I wasn’t there to have judged him, as Picasso said that colours and features follow the changes of emotions. If only I could observe him…

I splashed these colours on a white sheet and brushed rather freely, save the detailing in the edges of which look to me, like waves… I could have been a little more creative but only if I were versed in the art  of strokes. However, it makes me smile, the vibrancy of the wavering patterns! I enjoyed colouring the blank sheet, quite much to may fancy!

If you were in my place, which colours would you pick? I gave my palette a few many rotations, don’t know what I was looking for!

And so, here is my snapshot story for the week! For more, flip to Snapshot Stories!

Hope you like them!

Smiles, Light and Love!



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