In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Change.”

Numbers is all I see in this world I guess! Charts and pies, even the pizza seems an analytical tool at times. A delicious one though, chuckles! This was supposed to be a photo challenge and I ended up creating a graphic design for it! But we can always do things in our own way, right? I fancy prototypes, honestly! As it is my own creation, so I am adding it to my Snapshot Stories !

Change is inevitable, a canon of nature and a philosophy time, space and life! It is every continuing and it is always gradual! Hurrying to a change is a futile attempt in all respects. Awaiting for it idly is, however, equally fruitless. Working towards Change is fundamental to its coming. Change is as common as uncommon we perceive it to be! Change occurs through every fraction of time, it is persistent in its coming, not in its form though!