Round Like A Basketball

Things happen just like that! Spontaneous reactions, responses and replies are often the more appropriate for leaving a mark than the most well thought remarks, conclusions based on analytics. Or perhaps the spontaneous responses are the vaguest and the most meaningless. Whichever may be true, something happened today, the aftershock of which was rather hilarity. In conversation based on a few many tasks at hand, a friend of mine stated of a wish to flee from the burdens of daily life and get some peace. I, residing on the other end of the conversation, very thoughtlessly replied: It’s a round, round world, my dear! You’ll fall in this part of the world from wherever you hop off to. Its round like a basketball. The responsive expression to her meaningful sadness was hundred and eighty degree lip line and blinking eyes. She wanted to smack my head with that eight hundred pages foreign authored book, I know! But what can I do? If it weren’t for Newton and Galileo’s time killing, I’d have thought of myself as simply capable of hopping my way to Mars and then to Jupiter and then back to earth, in the fields of Andalusia and then the plains of Uzbekistan, perhaps paying my hello to the statue of liberty and finally ending the day in my sweet home… Round and round, off and on the ground! I could have watched Germany win the last world cup as well… Viva Brazil! Wasn’t that bad on TV, to be honest! Hmm…!

I am hopping out of here, have a quiz to prepare!

The world is round, we might bounce into each other someday! Until then, happy blogging everyone! I have to see what TZ is up to, as well!

Hasta La Vista, with a sprightly wave!