Extraordinary? We, the Humans!


A simple definition of Extraordinary is the true nature of a human history itself! There is simply nothing ordinary about the changing dynamics, improving methodologies, progressing societies, civilizing attitudes and in summation, the entire guise of the wonder called life! Nothing is ordinary about anything, everything has something extraordinary. How ordinary is the fallacy of orthodoxy groupings and the experiences, circumstances and the endeavors of each of the clusters; extraordinary is the diversity within! East differs from the west for the basic of the most basic generalizations; however, the proximity of zero diversification in the eastern cordon or the western ring is invalid. The simple reality is that even the identical twins are extraordinarily not identical. Powered by values, cultures, customs, equipment, technology, intellects and values… Extraordinary is but humankind itself! Don’t you agree?



WP_20151006_09_24_55_Pro (2)In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Boundaries.”

Standing on the first floor of the university’s New Block building, with my textbook tightly clenched in my heads while my eyes scanned the text for facts and figures regarding the Newly Industrialized Countries I noticed the sunlight had pierced in through some wide artistic spaces in the metal door. It was a bright September morning in Lahore and he tropical sun seemed joyous, it had no quizzes; lucky being! To my dismay, the exit was sealed that day because there were Chinese delegations coming later in the day and the administration was occupied in preparations! The red flags with the green and white ones, crescent and star patterned… it was quite a fancy sight, the seal was, however, more intriguing!

Prose: The Foil of Race

Caste, creed, race! A simple glimpse is we take for all judgments! We then embrace or not, is of our two cents! In this age of today, transcending the borders, acceptance has found its way to all globalized corners! Skin is rather a foil, wrinkled at times! Heart that beats like swaying chimes, is the reflection of all crimes, whether purposeful or meaningless; a keeper of kindness and even of ruthless motives!