Light and Dark, Captured! Blurry!

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A blurred shot, I realized it the very moment I captured it. Up till now, for past three days, I have been contemplating if it was worth a post or not. Perhaps not, I know! A bad impression, I concede! Not good for the eyes, I realize. I need a better lens or a better sense of photography perhaps, I consider. It is blurry and vague, very confusing or even intriguing. I am posting it just to respond to a query to myself, the query which states that why would I click this snap and then blog it here? The two divergent rays converge in a single answer for all cases to proceed with! I was sitting alone, awaiting the arrival of the two most idiotic people in the world whom I call my best friends, and while they weren’t twittering about my ears I was gazing at the golden sparkling ray of light washing the pealed green autumn leaves of the tree heightening up to the corridor atrium on the first floor of the twentieth century building. The shadow behind that golden glow had caught my eye and I dived straight into it, in the vast pool of my thoughts or rather an ocean that I have been discovering a new, every single day for past twenty and  half years of my life! When I gathered that I had been waiting for too long and thinking too much, I caught the culprit, captured the shadow from a distance good enough that the shot is this vague. And so I am blogging this because thoughts, ideals, proposals, events in life are more often the compound of randomness, vagueness, , possibility, concreteness, certainty, impulse, repulse, puzzle, comprehension, light, dark, right, wrong.. You and I…

Just as troublesome is the nature of thoughts and life, is troublesome the day called Sunday! It’s a holiday, it’s free, it’s to laze around but… tomorrow is Monday, means Sunday is the end of weekend and means a little remaining work has to be done… Complicated Sunday and I am suddenly so less thoughtful and so more lazy! I’m strangely me!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

A wave from miles away, Keep Smiling!


8 thoughts on “Light and Dark, Captured! Blurry!”

    1. Hello! 🙂
      Haha! I was actually standing in front of the mirror myself but you adjusted its angle! 😀
      I know it was a flop shot, have been doubting my photography skills! Lol 😀
      Thanks for reading and reviewing, much valued! 🙂



  1. Why do you call this is a flop take? It has nature. Everyone has his own way to try to capture the nature. If it was taken from a famous painter or sth it might have been a masterpiece. Atleast you honored it by writing about it

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