I’m Here For…

The evening has matured enough for the dusk to fall; the autumn sun is about set shortly, diving into the horizons of our mythical city. Here I am chattering to you all after not a very tiring, exhaustive, wasn’t annoying Monday as till this hour. Clad in a skinny black jeans and a faded lemon yellow kurti I am lying in the living room couch, talking to you all and watching Pakistan and England play endurance on the Test grounds of Sharjah. Pakistan needs to capture two wickets in quick succession to claim its position; however, the English defence is strong enough. How ideal it would be if I could swish and flick a want to make myself a cup of tea… Let’s pin down that bubble for now! Why am I here?

I’m here for this, to be myself, Zahra. I have profiles on a few social networking sites and all were created and used for this very reason! To socialize, interact, converse, make friends, explore, discover, learns, nurture and grow… to speak my mind and heart, to foster ideas, to broaden horizons, to gain… to give… to carry hope, peace and love across all borders… By name, I am Zahra; by nationality, I am a Pakistani, by ethnicity, I am a Punjabi; by religion, I am a Muslim; by gender, I am a girl; by education, a university students having economics and general sciences as my subjects; by profession, a content creator; by zodiac, an Aquarius; by nature, I am myself! Myself… Zahra… Loud like a drum beat, soft like a piano key, like a hawk, like a dove, like a wind, like a breeze… In search of light, even in the dark! Observant yet chirpy; very queer… and that is why I’m here; like a visitor if not a native… to interact…

The sun has begun to set… Pakistan still needs two quick wickets! I have some stuff to finish on, and make tea as well! If you want to hear more about me, you can listen to me here: About


I will make this post this with tea! Smiles! You are welcomed for a chat any time!

Until next time, I am running off in my Flintstones’ car!

Keep smiling!


11 thoughts on “I’m Here For…”

  1. Why do I feel like this post was written for me? Haha kidding. It was nice knowing some facts about you. From your style you seem like someone from lahore. Do you like music?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am good at guessing I guess 🙂 thanks for introducing yourself 😀
        I am from Abbottabad 🙂
        Would you listen to skip to the good part by He is we?


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