Over a Cup of Hot Chocolate…


Flipping pages, scribbling through notebooks, piling up books, running an investigation session with Google, playing with office suite features… tick, tock, tick scampered the needle on the white dial of my silver chain watch and so, I could not find time to hang around with my bluddies, the blog buddies. Here I am, everyone, smiling from the other side of your screen. Salam!

I enjoy conversing with friends, listening to them and sharing my thoughts, talking endlessly, sometimes being sensible and at times being completely silly. Well, that’s me! And now you are here, over a cup of chocolatey hot chocolate. It’s quite nice, really. I crunched chocolate chip cookies to the blend. Smiles.

WP_20151117_22_57_20_Pro (2)

It was a tough week, the last one. I finished up on a paper yesterday. There isn’t much to be done today so, I am here. University is going well, job’s fine as well and volunteer work is the usual. The motivation to channel energies into a nation building process is the most prized possession for now, the hope of a brighter tomorrow is flickering in radiance. On the more undesirable side I have come to realize that expecting systems and people to be fair is not the option to choose. However, being fair is the crust of earning self-satisfaction. Flipping the ogle to where the light reflects and refracts leaving a sparkle, I have learned that sense of dignity and self-esteem are an asset to have. Being fair earns fairness.

Hey, it’s chocolate not cold shake. Drink please! I am contemplating on how to make my resume. What should I do to improve my skill set? Leaning through life, broadening horizons, how shall I surge forward? I need to improve my time management skills for certain, though. Sigh!

Ball yaar! Yikes, sorry! A pacer making a set batsman jump off the crease is one of the most sensational scenes on the cricket field. Wow, Irfan! Pakistan is playing England again!

So, what are you up to these days? Have you listened to the Janoon Band classic, Sayonee? It’s on repeat since morning today.

Oh, you finished your drink!

It was nice chatting with you! Drop by any time, I’d make you a chocolatey hot chocolate again. Fall is maturing and nights and early mornings are getting cold in Lahore.

Hasta La Vista!


6 thoughts on “Over a Cup of Hot Chocolate…”

  1. Good luck with Uni life! If I were to improve my time-management skills, I would start by working on important projects and assignments ASAP regardless of deadline length. This is to avoid backlog and having work pile up that eventually you would risk missing that deadline due to dealing with other accumulated work.

    I hope that helps!

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  2. Well that’s okay! I find myself guilty of that as well from time to time.
    I think that when work is done earlier, then there would be more time to play around thus motivating me to be more productive.

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  3. Glad to see you back on wordpress 🙂 I so want a choco cup like that :p About your time management skills well you are a busy person (atleast more than me) let it flow? i mean the best things come unplanned dont they?
    Plus read your email…
    Oh i forgot to tell you how well this post is written. like so light. Keep shining 🙂 aur mera blog bhi parh lo kabhi -.-

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    1. Thanks Nayab! 🙂 you’re right, the best of things happen unplanned. But I need to learn time management if i have to excel. 🙂
      Yaar… I skim through the reader everyday par how do I miss out on your posts, don’t know. Will read, definitely, Inshaa’Allah!

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