The Tale of Twin Paths…

What-How-For Whom-

Means and ends, needs and scarcity, price and quantity, demand and supply, cost and revenue, profit and loss, in the short run or over the long run… the constants and the long run… the government and the monopolist, regulation and invisible hand, money and interest… what? How? For whom? And the means for the ends and the ends of the means… offhandedly human life, formally economics! There is always a variable and a constant! No, I am not giving you a 360 ride, I am narrating my days’ story… the story of everyday, the tale of twin paths…

You seem whirled.

Well, Coelho said, “Everything is possible, from angels to demons to economists and politicians!”


And I designed this graphic. Actually I left out the designing component perhaps, and just made it – scratches the head! Simplicity is worth it, isn’t


4 thoughts on “The Tale of Twin Paths…”

  1. This quote is absolutely brilliant! I like the design. I love the simplicity. It explains more than the complex things 🙂 glad that u are back at wordpress on regular basis.
    And hey i sent u something on mail. Check your inbox. I hope you will like it 🙂 i really hope.

    Liked by 1 person

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