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Perfection… something that is hypothetically defined as the superlative form of excellence equivalently flawlessness. Can humans conjure perfection? Hypothetically, perhaps… perfection, rich finesse is God’s trait, it is inhuman to trick perfection. Even humans, the most superior of all creations of the Almighty, are not perfect. We all have flaws in ourselves, physical or attributive. I have flaws. Imperfection is the reality of our world and perfection is merely an illusion. Nature weighs all in equality, a balance. Imperfection is the weight it uses to pitch out imbalance. However, perfection is what man seeks! Perfection sought is the enrichment of qualities to outcast the flaws, an illusion of flawlessness or flawed finesse.


Three Quotes,Three Days: Day:3! … Delayed Post

Exams, cursed exams! I had written the post for the third round of Anand’s challenge having spoken my heart about the tragic event of the 16th December 2014 but I forgot to post it. Well, I am amending the post for today, the birthday of the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah!

Three quotes chosen are:

“Think hundred times before you take a decision. But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man!”

  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah


“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve!”

  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah



One Year Later…

A year has passed, three hundred and sixty five long days…

I woke up that morning with a bright smile on my face, it was a cold December day in Lahore on December 16, 2014! The smile was in celebration of the ecstasy that spout out in the streets of my city, a day earlier, with waving flags and deliriously echoing slogans. Those weren’t Independence Day celebrations, it were the voice of this struggling nation demanding its civic and democratic right to fair polls and welfare. Lahore seemed like an artist’s stroke of ingenious, the sky was green with patriotism, white with democracy and peace and red… red with fidelity to the soil and allegiance to the ideology of justice! Lahore protest was a massive success and the front page of every newspapers was an imagery of this nation’s resolve to endeavour till the very end of time… I had an exam the next day, a semester final. I had to study and so I took a flight to my nest, opened up my books and began to study like a good student. The smile was still flickering. And then… the pleasantly cold winter day wasn’t pleasant any more. There was a message in the WhatsApp group from Lala Ji that there had been a terrorist siege laid on APS Peshawar… the smile went out like a candle that dies in thin air… APS Peshawar! Army Public School Peshawar! School! School it read, school I read, school they said, school I heard… A school… School? You could have said it wrongly, I could have heard it wrongly, I could be sleepy, I wasn’t sleepy, I woke up ninety minutes ago, how I could be sleepy… A school? Children! Children study in schools. Innocent children in their green and white uniforms had gone to school that day, like every other day. They never came back… It was home time but they never came home again… Our army squared them, the terrorists, it took them more than seven hours to vanquish those terrorists… they were extremists, they were beasts, brutes, barbarians, savages, how could they be human? They ruthlessly slaughtered humanity, they killed our children… Could those innocent lives tell what had been happening, what were they thinking, did they fear them, did they call out for help, did they resist… did they have enough time? Frightening bolts of bullets and thunderous jolts of those vicious voices, blood seeping into the soil of their motherland, did they feel it happening? They were children! Our armed forces have been a target, police academies and army bases have been assaulted, our worship places have been painted in the colour of their lunacy and then… a school…

December 16, 2014… 144 martyrs…


Main aisi qaum sey hun jis ke wo bachon sey darta hai

Bara dushman bana phirta hai jo bachon sey larta hai

(I hail from the nation whose children he fears

Poses with might, that enemy, who fights children)

  • Tribute by ISPR
  • (Translated by Zahra)


Yes, we are a nation faced with arduous challenges hampering our surge towards a better tomorrow. Yes, we are a nation at war with the evils of the society and the rogues of economy. Yes, we are a nation burdened with the destruction by the enemies of humanity. Yes, we have our weaknesses. But no, we are not weak! We are half a million lives for global peace and war on terror. We are resilience. We are valour. We are sacrifice. We are not the ones we are perceived to be. We are Edhi’s philanthropy. We are Malala’s peace. We are Nusrat’s melody. We are Rehman’s ingenious stroke. We are hospitality, peace, philanthropy, love, culture and generosity. We are a resilience that shall trump all atrocities! We are a courage that shall never be conquered! Hope shall never die! The song of our victory is the echo of our national anthem that resounds in our schools every morning. The testimony of our endeavours is every moment of learning that we gain every day. We will triumph for it shall serve justice to those hundred and forty four torch bearers of our enlightened tomorrow. We shall rise to glory in the face of all odds, we are Pakistan!


Hai waada yeh tum sey key ilm key deep jalayenge…

Tum dekhna, hum qalm sey talwar ko ziar kar jayenge!

(It’s a promise to you that the lamps of knowledge, shall we light…

You”ll watch, with a pen shall we surmount the sword!)

  • Tribute by Zahra





Greetings, dear friends, with a happy smile. Finals are going well and I shall soon be midway on my journey through the junior year. Its winters in Lahore, chilly, foggy, misty… it’s Lahori December-like in Lahore. I am back with the second round of Anand’s challenge!

Challenge’s Rules

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Pondering on the challenge, these three quotes struck me the first so these are my pick for the Day 2!


Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.

  • Mohsin Hamid



Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life!

  • Omar Khayyam



Amal sey zindagi banti hai, Jannat bhi jahannum bhi

Yeh khaki apni fitrat mein, na noori hai na naari hai

(Deeds are what make life into a heaven or hell

This creature of clay is neither, by nature, of light nor of fire)

  • Allama Mohammad Iqbal
  • (Translated by: Zahra)


Differences, divides, splits and distances arise when the flower of empathy droops. The human today has gained understanding of one rule of the primitive woods that might is always right and that it is fortune the pursuit of which is the pursuit of happiness. Many of the evils shall die of their own fate if only I and you show a little more respect for each other, a little more understanding of our respective realities and be a little more empathetic to the reflections of our eyes and hearts. Your shoes would never me and mine aren’t cut out for you. But does it mean I shall never mend yours and you shall dispose of mine when a lace gets damaged? Life blooms in empathy. Happiness is subjective as it must be but is it to be weighed in units of envy, affluence and irony solely? Shall you be the sole soul to strive for survival how surreal shall be the sounds of life? Endeavours must continue for it is actions that measure the liveliness of you but, remember to stop on the dusty rugged road, dust off the dirt of your cloak, look back to find the dimmed horizon to realize how far have you come, smile in satisfaction of continuing to surge ahead and flaunt your cloak like a royal cape before you may happily resume the stride towards your destination.  It is in now, the happiness, in what you have. Just muscle that brick aside with a meaningless kneel so the road may still be dusty and rugged but a little clearer for the fellows who might follow sooner or later. After all what goes around comes around!


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Three Quotes, Three Days: Day 1!

I found myself in slight bewilderment when I walked through the door into this world of blogging, a few minutes back. Bewilderment because Anand of blabberwockying! had nominated me for the Three Quotes Three Day Challenge! You have my thanks Anand, you considered my acumen for this challenge.

Challenge’s Rules

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Here we are, my three quotes for Day 1 of the challenge!

Taken with Lumia Selfie



You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop!

  • Jalaluddin Rumi



Masjid dha de, mandir dha de, dha de jo kuj dehnda

Bus kisey da dil na dhaween, rab dilaan wich renda

(Destroy the mosque, demolish the temple

Break not one’s heart for God resides in hearts)

  • Abdullah Shah (Baba Bulleh Shah)
  • (Translated by: Zahra)



You do not let the fear of death come in the way of what you believe is your mission in life!

  • Imran Khan


The earth is a planet inhabited by seven billion humans, a race that dominates all other beings in its intellect, nature and history. There are divisions of language, ethnicity and belief and materialistic social classification has been persistent over time as well. However, a commoner of this race has the same five senses and the same body structure. And so they say that together, we, the humans are like drops in a colossal ocean. The reality, however, is the diversification in similarity of our being. Each human is a miracle in himself, in his acts, philosophies and abilities… the ocean is within us! This uniqueness of us, all of us, is the reason that his world exists and continues to progress. However, it is courtesy from the roots of which shoots the stem of collective progress and the much valued unification of diversity! Respects for sentiments is the breeding light for this race of ours to prosper! The race taken by the fear of being vanquished by the fear of demise. There is no subduing the reality of mortality! Immortality is an illusion cast in the lake of the elixir of life, dismantled easily and factually by the fermented ripple of truth! Seek what you seek with profoundness, strive for what you seek with fidelity to the cause of it and not the fear of the struggle being ended midway for success is measured in subjectivity of consequences but failure is objective in the premise of not endeavouring!

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