Love-Struck At 04:00 Hours

Blink_2016-01-31T03.59.33.228_5_2016-01-31It is four hundred hours on Sunday morning in Lahore and here is a big hello from me, the good old yet crazy young I! What has taken away my sleep, is quite clearly visible in the picture. Cricket, the sport every Pakistani is addicted to. We all watch it, play it and enjoy it! If you ever wonder what delirium of joy and strength of support feels like, watch a cricket match in a Pakistani’s home. Winning and losing is a part of game, taken too very seriously by most of us when it comes to cricket though. However, the fever burns… I’m running a high fever too, love-struck at 04:00. AM… Watching the Green Team take on the Kiwis… Fingers crossed for a win…


Sixth Beginning…

Begins the new term so did we return… on a cold January morning, wrapped in a shawl, an eastern bearing… Met the trio again having counted twenty days plus seven… You, me, her, and me, you… together we, us… Lahore was in mood too, more gusts and lesser dew… Chatters, clatters, cackles and chuckles… Quantified spice of economics and a debate on quota fixtures, blue, black pens and lined papers with rough textures… None in oblivion of the new beginning, with the year has come the stage next… three remaining and the sixth beginning cherished… the day spent today, just another at Kinnaird…




A January Rain…

Lahore, on a cold rainy winter evening in January is simply stunning. First rain of 2016 falls this evening… Pitter-patter raindrops, the soothing music of the spattering little droplets, the cold gusts of wind fondling with the joyous leaves, the rustling dance of the swaying branches as fondles with them the mischievous wind… the sudden reddening of the sky veiled in the heavy curtain of grey clouds… flashes of lightning, crashes of thunder, heavy rain showers…  nature is beautiful, unpredictable… mesmerizing in its manifestation of the Almighty and enthralling in the exhibition of His power… an imagery so captivating as a cult!

Rain, it washes off the dirt, the dirt of sorrows. The sprinkling music of joys, the refreshing elixir that rejuvenates the little delights of life. It comes as if washing away the canvas of life for us to splash fresh new colours on it, free of dirt, with new opportunity to paint a brighter picture…

But why the sky roars? With the blessings perhaps, it expresses its anger for all our deeds of immorality… justly.

So the canvas has been washed away for the new year tonight… How shall I paint is on me… the colours of my choice…

A blurry over the shoulder shot... My phone got wet :(
A blurry over the shoulder shot… My phone got wet 😦

Why Light?


Dusk had fallen over the city of Lahore, the sun had dipped into the distant horizons of the City of Life and the time to thank Thomas Edison and Count Volta had come once again! Courtesy these science savvy men, Lahore is a night owl, it never sleeps! Clicked, turned on, lit the lamp! I and my habit of fixing a gaze on things for long enough to prick their instincts, my due apologies to masterly crafter lamp and the divergently flying rays of light. The image fancied me and so, I set my lens on it, clicked, captured… captured the light flying in the darkness, the glow in the shadows…

One lamp in a dark room, lit brightly, captivated me and my gaze, How could it do that? I am not sure but, perhaps, finding light in the dark is the struggle we all indulge in! We search for light because it guides the way, because we seek hope…

Good Reads

What is the definition of a Good Read? Inquiries often seek suggestions for reading, names of Good Reads? I don’t know how to respond. I don’t know because I don’t know how to define a Good Read. My naïve comment is that a read that leaves me thinking, pondering, observing, learning, maturing, nurturing is a Good Read. One sentence or a whole book, I don’t classify it, I don’t know how to classify it. Do you agree?


With Hope And Will…

I was fined yesterday. Should I be happy or sad? The fine was to compose a poem on a theme whichever fancies me. Serpico, the kind Nazi fined me for a couple of typing errors I made yesterday. Well, the fine is paid in time, Sir; happy smiles. I am not a poet but this small composition is my answer to the many questions that inquire if I’d ever call it quits on my dreams and ambitions.


Impossible it is, they say!
What is that is not possible?
Who’d know what time is right?
I ask of all who call me an idealist.
Isn’t an idea the root of all wonders?
Progress we make, with time’s saunter!
A wonder isn’t it, I’m an optimist?
With hope and will, we must fight!
Miracles we work, will is inexorable!!
Who said, Rome was built in a day?


Adios Dear 2015, Hola To 2016

It came, it stayed, it ventured and it left… Adios dear 2015!


Wishing everyone around the globe a very happy new year with peace, love and light from the city of life, Lahore. A smiling, bright, prosperous and harmonious year is what I wish for everyone, everywhere… Do Martians celebrate New Year? I don’t know, I have only been to Planet Kibi and Phoenitia with the 73rd class of the Defense University of the Planetary Nation of Kibi, aboard the Freedom Guard ship Amaterus! What am I talking about? Pretty alienated but I am an earthling, take my word on it. All of this is the effect of a Japanese anime series that I started watching last night, Starship Operators. I fancy Space Navy fictions quite much. Pardon me please. Soon after the clock struck midnight and the national television aired the prayer and national song and the fireworks lit up the sky over the whole society, WhatsApp crashed. It was an international collapse, I could see reports coming in from my homeland Pakistan, Sweden, Italy and a few other regions. I could no more bug people on the New Year’s night. So, the year made a lucky start for many, giggles. The only thing left to do was to find myself a good distraction. One hour into the New Year and I had myself a cup of cream blended coffee with my laptop, earphones and blanket… and then I was aboard the Amaterus! Happy new year to me, yay!

2015, you were quite tough, challenging, saddening at times yet cheery and vibrant, joyous and nurturing. There was learning, gaining, prospering, growing… Incidents that I regret, events that I cherish! Met some of the most amazing people on the planet, saw a few walking away, discovered, explored and got to know much, much about my own self too. From Test wins to release of various cinema revivals for Pakistan, achievements and awards on international forums to the successful inauguration of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Peshawar, the largest charitable hospital in the country… it was all 2015! And today, it a dawn of hope in Lahore, hope that the days to come will be brighter… Resolution? I have no New Year resolutions. I have hope, hope that the year will be better than the previous one and that I will be a better human that I was last year…

Speak of a lucky start, Mama just offered me a dinner of my choice, happy as I shall be… Paratha Rolls tonight! I am off for dinner, la la la!


Hola to 2016 and until next time, Hasta la Vista from my side!

Keep smiling!