With Hope And Will…

I was fined yesterday. Should I be happy or sad? The fine was to compose a poem on a theme whichever fancies me. Serpico, the kind Nazi fined me for a couple of typing errors I made yesterday. Well, the fine is paid in time, Sir; happy smiles. I am not a poet but this small composition is my answer to the many questions that inquire if I’d ever call it quits on my dreams and ambitions.


Impossible it is, they say!
What is that is not possible?
Who’d know what time is right?
I ask of all who call me an idealist.
Isn’t an idea the root of all wonders?
Progress we make, with time’s saunter!
A wonder isn’t it, I’m an optimist?
With hope and will, we must fight!
Miracles we work, will is inexorable!!
Who said, Rome was built in a day?



14 thoughts on “With Hope And Will…”

      1. I am the one who should be thankful but yeah you are welcome 🙂 plus this double convo is the thing i do with only my best friend. Happened here as well 🙂

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