Why Light?


Dusk had fallen over the city of Lahore, the sun had dipped into the distant horizons of the City of Life and the time to thank Thomas Edison and Count Volta had come once again! Courtesy these science savvy men, Lahore is a night owl, it never sleeps! Clicked, turned on, lit the lamp! I and my habit of fixing a gaze on things for long enough to prick their instincts, my due apologies to masterly crafter lamp and the divergently flying rays of light. The image fancied me and so, I set my lens on it, clicked, captured… captured the light flying in the darkness, the glow in the shadows…

One lamp in a dark room, lit brightly, captivated me and my gaze, How could it do that? I am not sure but, perhaps, finding light in the dark is the struggle we all indulge in! We search for light because it guides the way, because we seek hope…

5 thoughts on “Why Light?”

  1. We’re so dependent on our vision, it’s no wonder we’re drawn to light! I used to work in a really dark restaurant, and I was always walking into the tables… What I wouldn’t have given sometimes to be able to switch on the lights!

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