A January Rain…

Lahore, on a cold rainy winter evening in January is simply stunning. First rain of 2016 falls this evening… Pitter-patter raindrops, the soothing music of the spattering little droplets, the cold gusts of wind fondling with the joyous leaves, the rustling dance of the swaying branches as fondles with them the mischievous wind… the sudden reddening of the sky veiled in the heavy curtain of grey clouds… flashes of lightning, crashes of thunder, heavy rain showers…  nature is beautiful, unpredictable… mesmerizing in its manifestation of the Almighty and enthralling in the exhibition of His power… an imagery so captivating as a cult!

Rain, it washes off the dirt, the dirt of sorrows. The sprinkling music of joys, the refreshing elixir that rejuvenates the little delights of life. It comes as if washing away the canvas of life for us to splash fresh new colours on it, free of dirt, with new opportunity to paint a brighter picture…

But why the sky roars? With the blessings perhaps, it expresses its anger for all our deeds of immorality… justly.

So the canvas has been washed away for the new year tonight… How shall I paint is on me… the colours of my choice…

A blurry over the shoulder shot... My phone got wet :(
A blurry over the shoulder shot… My phone got wet 😦

5 thoughts on “A January Rain…”

    1. Hello there! 🙂
      I would love to have a much happier, satisfactory and successful year for everyone! 🙂 I’d love to see myself as a better human at the end of this year, would love to create moments for people and perhaps have hope…
      And you? 🙂
      With light and peace Zahra

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      1. Dove, thank you for your connection and reply. What does seeing yourself as a better human being? What does better mean to you?

        This year, I’m looking to become more established in the work I’m doing with nonprofits. I have a great batch of clients I’m serving, but I am hoping to see what I am doing grow by planning events as fundraisers for charities, potentially planning a walk across Cuba with a group, and just looking to build more and more of a community 🙂

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      2. A better human would mean a human with better humanitarian values. I would like to see myself as a more cooperative, more helpful, more understanding, more courteous, more truthful, more hopeful,more peaceful, more tolerant person… I don’t know what kind of a human I am but I would like to be of service to others and a person worthy of being earning respect..
        I would like to learn more, do more… 🙂

        Ahha, nice plans you’ve got for yourself. 🙂 I’d like to ace into semester six and ace that too and get better at my work, I am a freelance writer 🙂 and I’d like to have an internship and visit the mountains 😀 lol.
        Sorry I keep babbling. 🙂
        Thanks for connecting! 🙂


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