What Goes Around Comes Around!

blue-green-spiral-wallpaperHe, the man of today,
Lives in an oblivion!
Too carefree, rather ignorant!
Shunned values, culture in disarray…
Arrogance trampling tradition…
Conceit, the insurgent!
Remember, the clock is wound….
What goes around, comes around!


7 thoughts on “What Goes Around Comes Around!”

      1. Hi, Zahra!
        I cannot agree more with you: life is all about finding our roots, that is the only path to achieve our quest for lucidity. How can we ever speculate about the meaning of the existence if we don’t look inside of ourselves; what is the human experience if not precisely the very opportunity to learning about ourselves and discover who we are really…

        May the light be with you in this uneasy but rewarding task ^^

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