Two Weeks Into February

Two weeks into February and two weeks it has been since I paid a visit to all my friends here. Short and cold, yet quite long have been the journey through this month so far. February has been festive, refreshing and fruitful. Telling the tale, it began with the Annual French Theatre which turned out to be a huge success. A huge round of applause for the entire cast and crew, from my part, a huge shout out to all of us. Going to the national level, the much awaited cricket league has been inaugurated. There was a dream and the first half of it is now a reality, Pakistan has its own star studded premier cricket league like all the other cricketing nations in the world. It was a dream come true to witness, from miles away, the launching ceremony of the inaugural edition of the Pakistan Super League in Dubai. It would be a heartwarming realization of this second half of the dream when in years to come, the venue for the launch of the nth edition of the PSL would be the home of Pakistani cricket; the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. Until then, the flaws overlooked and the questions that need to be answered be set aside because the HBL PSL is here and it is everywhere. The most distinctly fascinating feature of the PSL is the choice of names made by each franchise; Kings for the metropolitan city of Karachi, Zalmi (the young) for the most resilient Peshawar, Gladiators for the honorable history of Quetta, United for the federal capital Islamabad and Qalandars for the Sufis from the country’s heart Lahore. These are aptly chosen, with justice. With hope for a brighter future of Pakistan cricket, PSL is here! Top it up, we have bagged our first ever women’s swimming gold at the South Asian Games and the third consecutive men’s Hockey gold as well. Its celebrations time, after quite some while.

The other face of February is progression through the final semester of the junior year and its dramatic unfolding. Quizzes haven’t been much of a trouble, at least till now. Don’t tell my instructors about it, they fancy brain tortures if teasers don’t works well. I am already quantifying, econo-fying everything, everything means everything. The other day I told my friend that his error term was too high for me to accept his argument, all I received for that was a nasty expression. For not responding to my father’s call, I made a quota explanation upon which he told me finish my meal without giving him a headache. I don’t know if econo-fying is a legitimate word to even invent one. I am being Rowling in my own domain, justified? Another problem, big problem, problem bigger than a problem, I do not know what to do with my thesis. I don’t have a topic. For the love of economics, I have run out of fairly unique and doable topics. Whatever I might conjure, I’m told that I am not the first at the university to have played the trick or that science disowns the idea. I want to skip graduation to doctorate to actually do some first time research, sigh. But, no worries! We can always put in a little more effort. Apart from that, work is going well and so is volunteer work. I need to improve my time management as well as concentration level too. I never learn because I am me!

What have you all been doing? I hope my birthday month has been kind to you all, smiles. Yes I am an Aquarius and I am an air element, free flowing. February the sixteenth, awaited!Picsart2016-13-2--21-06-17