A Small Black Dot

Stories are told and examples are quoted every interactive session. I enjoy them, they are experiences and one can always learn from an experience than a book. I could be wrong in making this assumption but this is what I think and have experienced. During the last session it were the story that Dr. David shared which left me pondering the most. The student from fresher year literature shared a more behavioral one though. Here is what Dr. David told us:

Once a teacher took a surprise quiz, the whole class protested exactly as students do around the globe in such situations. The teacher being the teacher circulated the question paper. Once every student had it, they were allowed to turn the paper over and attempt the quiz within the specified time period of thirty minutes. All the students complied with the instructions and the papers were turned over. Shock. The sheet was blank, all white, with a small black dot in the center. The question instruction read: Compose a description of the given picture. After the initial this and that, if and but the whole class attempted the quiz. Once the timer struck thirty minutes the papers were collected. The teacher read out every single paper. Every student had described the small black dot in the center of the paper. The fanciest vocabulary was used and the most philosophical ideas were penned. Having read out each of the papers, the teacher spoke his mind. He told the class that he was impressed with the kind of intellect his students had shown but he was disappointed of their ignorance. He hoped that at least one student would describe the bright white space on the sheet but none did so.


To ponder on the negative, to point out the flaws, to see the wrong, to criticize the shortcomings and to delve in the dark is all we do. All of us. We are cynics, hopeless and naysayers. We fail ourselves in succeeding to see the light, the good, the pros, the positives. Happiness is always there, hope is always there, good is always there and the positives are always there for there is always white space on a black inked paper. The book of our life is for us to write, with phrases of sorrow or the lyrics of joy…


4 thoughts on “A Small Black Dot”

  1. What a thought-provoking post! I wish I’d been given this test, I would have said it was a picture of a polar bear in a snowstorm! 😆 You know, I don’t think our tendency to pick up on negative things is necessarily a flaw… Noticing when something isn’t quite as it should be is what kept our ancestors safe, so it’s probably a difficult thing for us to leave behind! But I agree that we could all benefit from taking the time to enjoy the good stuff once in a while 😀

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    1. Hahahaah, a polar bear! 😀 Had it been me, the answer would have stated that it was a lone spaceship flying its way home. 😛 Absurd I know, lol.
      I don’t disagree, we must look at things as they are. However, I do propose that we should enjoy the little moments. 🙂
      love and Peace,

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