An economist can do anything or everything but not without thinking of a cost and a benefit. To be honest, it is not an economist’s acumen but quite typical of the human nature. We all do what benefits us in one way or the other, in the short term or the long run. Also it is quite universal of human psychology to make choices that render beneficial instantaneously. We, the humans, are not very good at waiting as a race in itself, we want results and we want them now. We are forgetful of the fact that it takes time for a seed to shoot into a fruitful tree and it takes time for a fruit to ripen. Dare I call our race selfish and impatient! However, there are things we do and we must do without taking into consideration the personal costs and benefits. There are times and situations in which we must downcast our personal desires in order to maximize the benefit to the whole society. Keeping social costs and benefits in our calculations is necessary if we, as a race, are to grow.

The environment and the eco system is as essential to our survival and growth. It is something that is of our good yet it is being eroded and deteriorated as a consequence of our own actions. The irony is that this hypothesis whether you rotate the lens towards the selfish aspect, the humanitarian one or simply the altruist. If we are the ones destroying it then we are the ones burdened with the obligation to preserve it. A greener world is a better world for today and the tomorrow. We have cut the trees, chopped the trunks into wood planks, fueled our fireplaces and printed enough money bills to have endangered the future of our own race. But who said it was too late to take an initiative?

Plant a tree and protect a life which is not yours, lay a debt of gratitude on the generations to grow and nurture a spirit in the society to simply wait out the progress and return of their actions and that too the fruits that they would perhaps not taste themselves.

#OneTreeOneLife is the initiative taken in Peshawar (Pakistan) yesterday, I endorse it and commend the Government of KP and the vision of global prosperity fostering the intent itself.


Let’s plant a tree and protect a life, everywhere.

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