Dove Flies Back…


So it is farewell to semester six and adios to the junior year! A challenging time, hectic, tough and exhausting yet very interesting and quite positive above all negatives. With the academics set aside till August, the very tense wait of results is now here though, I am back to the world I so fancy… Here is a big hello to all the fellow bloggers. The free bird has flown back to the nest I suppose!

Last two months have been very busy. We had so many assignments, quizzes and projects to contend with, not to forget the many events and the student council elections. Election campaign was very tiring, fun though. The polling was quite an exciting process. Anticipating a victory was never an option. I never thought that I could win and s the results day was equally thrilling.  I was actually not present in the auditorium when the announcements began. I received a call, an overly excited voice of my best friend was screaming out of the gadget. I made a run to the grand hall to be stunned. I had won my contest, against two other contenders, and made it to the executive student council. It was a moment of sheer joy, enthralment and gratitude, I felt after quite long the feeling of having the unexpected in my favour. The littleness of a moment can be a little too immense at times when it leaves behind a mark, an understanding, a realization. It is true, is it not? A dream come true for me and a few many lessons learnt well during the endeavours made for realization of this dream. I was and am thankful to each and every person who believed in me and supported me through the course. There was a lot more than mere participation that it required. Beyond the three years of activity stood the screening process, the applications, the interviews, the election committee’s judgement, the nominations, the polls, the counting and the declaration…

The legacy passes on each year with the handover and oath taking ceremonies, the same took place this year as it has been for past hundred and four years. With pride shall I carry forward the Kinnaird legacy of Light, Courage and Love as it is, “To be rather than to seem!”


I remember writing about the journey from being a fresher to a junior, the time has come to become a senior. Time flies, doesn’t it? And so does the Dove…



3 thoughts on “Dove Flies Back…”

    1. Helen, it is delightful to read from you after so long. It is good to be back, I missed our beastie friends. 🙂
      Thank you very much! You too have a great summer. 🙂

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