I Write Because…


It is quite a riddle to me if I am writer myself or not. Perhaps those like myself are considered as writers or perhaps we aren’t. There are reasons for which people write, many of them and much diversified. What is the reason which compels me to write? I write because I must as I write only when I am compelled to… compelled by the inner voice to which I respond, compelled by the feeling which I feel, compelled by the thoughts I deliberate, compelled by the ideas I conceive… I paint the picture I see with the colours of my words, words of any language I can interpret myself… at times simply the language of silence… however, it is more normally English, Urdu or at times Punjabi…

Writing, to me, comes naturally as blows a breeze. I can write at any time, dawn or dusk, during a long day or at a late night hour. I can write anywhere, in my bedroom, the living room, university corridor or on the bus. I can write with anything, my laptop, my phone or a pen and a paper. All I need to know is that I wish to write…

The reason that I blog is that I wish to interact with people from diversified origins and backgrounds, to learn from them and to share my own experiences and thoughts with them, to testify the many assumptions we all make, to broaden horizons. There are ways people tend to pave for them to make expression of their thoughts, I choose writing for it.

To summarize the many elaborations of why I write, it can be stated that I write because it comes naturally to me.



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