Picture Story: Respect



Whoever acts with respect will get respect.

  • Jalaluddin Rumi




~ Rumi


Brexit? Brexit!

Yawn! I spent the whole night and the whole morning in front of the TV which many of my friends and acquaintances found to be queer. They weren’t running the 24 hour Scooby Doo marathon which is usually Eid, Christmas kind of transmission for children. The much EU referendum had finally been conducted on 23rd June and the results were coming, one by one… like penalty shootouts. For the first three hours, I was watching the transmission on RT News, I am unsure why was I doing that? However, I switched to the British Broadcast later. Why did everyone find it so queer that I was wide awake and ogling the TV screen with the blue and yellow bar chart with labels as, Leave and Remain? Not that I hold the British citizenship or anything, I am a Pakistani by origin, nationality and heart. Making that a highlight, Pakistan is the third largest origin of immigrants in Britain. However, that is no reason for me to be interested in the EU Referendum. I am a student of Economics and Politics that is valid enough a reason and sound enough an argument to defend my case. Right? The books on Economic Integration do make an EU resident in their pages, trust me.

Prime Minister Cameron and I were on the same side so we both should resign because UK gave a 51.9% favour to Brexit, he has resigned, what shall I do? Nobody elected me; so, I will stay and analyse, forecast, sit back and watch and then go round in circles as time goes on. A friend from Britain is very disappointed as she was a Remainer. Some of the testimonials on the internet show the same reaction as hers. I am very surprised myself as the final opinion poll gave majority to the Remainers. However, the referendum results have been otherwise with strange pattern in public opinion. London, Scots and Irish voting to remain while Whales, and rural England along with the other labour class regions voting themselves out of the EU. As of today, Brexit? Brexit!


I spent the whole morning in a discussion with my father on what the world would be like after the Brexit. For now, it is as UK having its Prime Minister step down, sterling plummeting to a thirty years low, Asian Stock Exchanges crashing, oil prices falling, gold prices rising and Pakistan analysing its future as GSP Plus status holder, its cordial ties with the UK, immigration status and export prospects. The short term macroeconomic instability has already surfaced, within twenty four hours of the final declaration. What would happen in the long run? Will the Scots hold the independence plebiscite again? Can UK deal with the Article 50 effectively enough to save itself in time from the much predicted decade of uncertainty? Will the neutral nature of Brexit’s impact on Pakistan remain as it is or exit to the negative end? Will Britain be caught in a shell of isolationism or still be obliged by the common market? Will UK economy downsize over the next two decades? Is Europe’s future as challenged as predict the Economy Pundits today? Time will tell. In the meanwhile, I look forward to graduate in Economics next year if do nothing else.

I should be going now, quite much chattering for now.

Time to Exit! Not Brexit!

Let Hope Flicker!



Smile to the sad as does to you the morning sun!

Lend a hand to the fallen, he may join your run!

How cold shall it be without a shawl?

When was the last you visited the mall?

Laugh in the moment with those seeking happiness!

To those silent for ages, lend an ear of benevolence!

Carrying the baggage of time each one wears!

A caress, a pat, gentle touch is good for tears!

Every morning when the birds twitter,

For those in the dark, let hope flicker!

One’s humanity is but an illusion, a deception,

With a heart devoid of empathy, compassion!

Hear the beat? Even the empty seashell echoes!

Does it know what bliss is and what are woes?

I’m One Of The World’s 43%

Life goes quick today, very quick actually. We live in the digital age where the little chip of silicon drives our lives and thus, we the humanoids run faster powered by the cutting edge technology. Humans you know, but our ancestors would call us humanoids. The beings who look like humans but are different from humans in the way they work. Look what the autocorrect does, how many of us can spell “schizophrenia” correctly?  Try it! I don’t know why I could think of schizophrenia as an example only, scratches head in puzzle. Oh well, I spelled it correctly. That’s good! I hope my bubble doesn’t burst when I run the spell checker, fingers crossed. And how many of you remember more than five contact numbers? That’s a humanoid for you. Why memorize while a piece of silicon can serve as the memory card and a software can instantly complete the word having typed first three letters only. Sigh. So, we be the humanoids… in the minds of the primitive humans who would actually the faces and whereabouts of all the travellers who ever came by, during their lifetime. And our companions? All be friends with cellular devices and laptops; it is the year two thousand and sixteen by the Gregorian calendar

Cell phones are important. They are one of the most revolutionary technological inventions of all times, the wheel with its due place in history though. A device for instant communication, a tool for keeping calendar, notes and alarms and a screen on the other side of which lies the whole world, be thankful to internet that the world is actually a click away… given a smartphone, in most cases, it is a swipe away. These cell phones are now what steer our lives, we need them. They are our companions, they connect us to everything we want, and they travel with us as well. They keep us company when there is none around and help us share with those who are far away. What else is a companion? By definition, regardless of being a non-living and manmade and a piece of technology, smartphones are companions.

I’m one of the world’s forty three percent. I have a smartphone and by all classifications I am not a child to be excluded from this category. According to the Pew Research Centre report, only forty three percent of the world’s population is a smartphone user. South Korea has the highest percentage of adult smartphones users being eighty eight percent and Ethiopia with four percent being the last ranker. More strikingly, Pakistan has only eleven percent score on this scale and I am one of those eleven percent. My companion makes me one of the world’s forty three percent… A humanoid myself…

Smartphones Users Percentage



Aimless Drifting


It is nothing but aimless drifting,

A life without a reason for living!

What shall you do without an ambition?

What is there without an aspiration?

Why shall you be kind or wise?

How meaningful shall be a sunrise?

How shall you feel tormented or jubilant?

Why shall you advocate, be rebel or defiant?

With no challenges to face, victory to cherish?

With no desire to prevail, fear to perish?

With no sense of grace?

Without humility’s trace?

Without seeking the solace?

Without endearing an embrace?

Without nothing to enquire?

Having none to inspire?

It is merely a count of days!

A watch on when the wanderer strays!

Have your grain before the dusk falls!

Live, not pass, before your time calls!






I remember the word prompts we had in our English course in the sixth grade. We were given a word to ponder on, to interpret and then pen down our thoughts. There used to be a minimum word limit, some hundred and twenty words. I enjoyed this class activity. Taking the word challenge today again, after ten years. The word prompt today is: Mountain.

What is a mountain? What possibly can a mountain be, than a landscape? A landscape above the sea level, conventionally with a slop elevating to a peak. It is heighted, very tall and lofty, can be grassy or completely stone, rugged at times, with or without caves, with or without wildlife, with or without myths… Whatever a mountain may fit in its physical description, it is but a wonder of nature and always has a summit and a peak and there has always been a man who encamped at its base trying to reach its peak, thus undertaking a journey…  Life is a journey, from the cradle to the grave. We all undertake this journey in that we climb the lofty mountain, starting from its summit track our way to the top.

Picsart2016-14-6--22-59-39 (2)


In our journey, some take the pathways already paved by those who journey before us and some find their own ways, take the roads not taken by others, set their own marks and follow their own instinct in direction of the sunrise they observe… Customs or the say of our own heart, whatever we choose for ourselves determine our way forward in life!

With every inch towards the peak the view of the vale below gets bigger and better. The extent of our view increases… Our horizons broaden as we see more in life, experiences that we accumulate add to our sense of understanding! The peak is the height of our experiences and at the peak, each sees according to the power of his sight… what we make out of our experiences is per our vision only…

A mountain itself is nothing but strength and permanence, beautified by nature that bless all. What it lends to use the more elaborate view of the vale that surrounds it… Accumulations of mere experiences is not life, life is living with those experiences to understand our own selves, to conquer our own mountains.

Beyond Your Fears Of Failures…

The fear of the failure serves as the catalyst to avoiding success. The endeavours one makes, not only in the more significant matters of life but also  in the littleness of casual moments, should never be made with an intent of avoiding failure for the consequence might simply be avoiding success. Each little deed that one does should be with an intent of success, act not to avoid regret but to gain satisfaction. However, never be taken too much by the drive toward satisfaction so to break the bindings for its attainment; the illusion of self-satisfying gratification is itself not very correct at times. Act never to avoid disappointment of those whose expectations and opinions you hold valuable but to fulfil those expectations. Drown never in the swamp of underestimation for putting together the pieces of a broken glass can give more scars than toning a glass into its shape itself. Make never an excuse for a fabrication of failure, create your reasons to anticipate a victory. Let the challenges never take away your belief in your ability and the strength of your intent for conquests are never made without facing an opposition. As it goes,

“The moon stays bright when it doesn’t avoid the night.”

  • Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi

How can a moon shine if the night isn’t dark? Fear not for it devours your intents, feelings and struggles! Sow the seed of effort and let the tree of success shoot from its root.

Till the moment you can keep following your heart you can fight the odds to your victory, be it for realization of your dreams, materializing your ambitions, living up to your dear ones’ expectations or being kind enough to the world that surrounds you, all that matters is the courage to keep going and courage evolves from faith in yourself. If you can still stand strong then what can failure do to you than just having you take one more shot at victory? It can do nothing for a night’s darkness cannot blind you but the hope lost in awakening of a day does. Disappointment flutters away in the whirl of a wind of your continued endeavours so never fear it and the embarrassment of its occurrence due to a failure, fly in the wind for it shall take you to your destiny…. Beyond your fears of failures flickers that lamp in the lighthouse on your destination portPicsart2016-10-6--02-15-44