One Shot: The Craftsman’s Life



Seldom does one image explain the whole story. I clicked this shot quite some while ago at a carpenter’s shop. Having observed this clutter for a few good minutes I realized that this clutter was all that there was about his life. Everything in one shot – life of a craftsman whose hard labour makes the two ends meet for him and whose craft measure his days and the days for his family. This clutter is all that is there to his life, may be all that is there to a doctor’s life is his stethoscope and so on…

One Shot: The Craftsman’s Life!


5 thoughts on “One Shot: The Craftsman’s Life”

  1. Where craft goes, clutter soon follows! After a busy day’s crafting, my own work table is buried underneath fabric offcuts, bits of thread and at least 4 different pairs of scissors! I liked this photo a lot, I always enjoy seeing other crafters’ with spaces 😃

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    1. Hi Helen! 🙂
      Glad you like the photo. I agree that clutter follows craft and I would love to sneak peak into your workplace someday! This scene actually kept me thinking for a while and so I clicked this photograph. All that there is to our crafts is a clutter we fancy so much! 🙂
      Light and Peace,

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      1. Ha! That’s so true! The only shopping I enjoy is adding to my collection of craft supplies 😀 If you’re interested in seeing my workspace, I sometimes put photos on Instagram… especially on days when I really make a mess! There’s a link in the left sidebar of my blog, or search “crawcraftsbeasties” on Instagram 😀

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