Beyond Your Fears Of Failures…

The fear of the failure serves as the catalyst to avoiding success. The endeavours one makes, not only in the more significant matters of life but also  in the littleness of casual moments, should never be made with an intent of avoiding failure for the consequence might simply be avoiding success. Each little deed that one does should be with an intent of success, act not to avoid regret but to gain satisfaction. However, never be taken too much by the drive toward satisfaction so to break the bindings for its attainment; the illusion of self-satisfying gratification is itself not very correct at times. Act never to avoid disappointment of those whose expectations and opinions you hold valuable but to fulfil those expectations. Drown never in the swamp of underestimation for putting together the pieces of a broken glass can give more scars than toning a glass into its shape itself. Make never an excuse for a fabrication of failure, create your reasons to anticipate a victory. Let the challenges never take away your belief in your ability and the strength of your intent for conquests are never made without facing an opposition. As it goes,

“The moon stays bright when it doesn’t avoid the night.”

  • Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi

How can a moon shine if the night isn’t dark? Fear not for it devours your intents, feelings and struggles! Sow the seed of effort and let the tree of success shoot from its root.

Till the moment you can keep following your heart you can fight the odds to your victory, be it for realization of your dreams, materializing your ambitions, living up to your dear ones’ expectations or being kind enough to the world that surrounds you, all that matters is the courage to keep going and courage evolves from faith in yourself. If you can still stand strong then what can failure do to you than just having you take one more shot at victory? It can do nothing for a night’s darkness cannot blind you but the hope lost in awakening of a day does. Disappointment flutters away in the whirl of a wind of your continued endeavours so never fear it and the embarrassment of its occurrence due to a failure, fly in the wind for it shall take you to your destiny…. Beyond your fears of failures flickers that lamp in the lighthouse on your destination portPicsart2016-10-6--02-15-44

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