I remember the word prompts we had in our English course in the sixth grade. We were given a word to ponder on, to interpret and then pen down our thoughts. There used to be a minimum word limit, some hundred and twenty words. I enjoyed this class activity. Taking the word challenge today again, after ten years. The word prompt today is: Mountain.

What is a mountain? What possibly can a mountain be, than a landscape? A landscape above the sea level, conventionally with a slop elevating to a peak. It is heighted, very tall and lofty, can be grassy or completely stone, rugged at times, with or without caves, with or without wildlife, with or without myths… Whatever a mountain may fit in its physical description, it is but a wonder of nature and always has a summit and a peak and there has always been a man who encamped at its base trying to reach its peak, thus undertaking a journey…  Life is a journey, from the cradle to the grave. We all undertake this journey in that we climb the lofty mountain, starting from its summit track our way to the top.

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In our journey, some take the pathways already paved by those who journey before us and some find their own ways, take the roads not taken by others, set their own marks and follow their own instinct in direction of the sunrise they observe… Customs or the say of our own heart, whatever we choose for ourselves determine our way forward in life!

With every inch towards the peak the view of the vale below gets bigger and better. The extent of our view increases… Our horizons broaden as we see more in life, experiences that we accumulate add to our sense of understanding! The peak is the height of our experiences and at the peak, each sees according to the power of his sight… what we make out of our experiences is per our vision only…

A mountain itself is nothing but strength and permanence, beautified by nature that bless all. What it lends to use the more elaborate view of the vale that surrounds it… Accumulations of mere experiences is not life, life is living with those experiences to understand our own selves, to conquer our own mountains.


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