Aimless Drifting


It is nothing but aimless drifting,

A life without a reason for living!

What shall you do without an ambition?

What is there without an aspiration?

Why shall you be kind or wise?

How meaningful shall be a sunrise?

How shall you feel tormented or jubilant?

Why shall you advocate, be rebel or defiant?

With no challenges to face, victory to cherish?

With no desire to prevail, fear to perish?

With no sense of grace?

Without humility’s trace?

Without seeking the solace?

Without endearing an embrace?

Without nothing to enquire?

Having none to inspire?

It is merely a count of days!

A watch on when the wanderer strays!

Have your grain before the dusk falls!

Live, not pass, before your time calls!






5 thoughts on “Aimless Drifting”

    1. Thank you!
      I could think of nothing but drifting to depict what I wished to write… I am glad that you find the attempt to be worthy enough.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.
      Light and Peace.


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