I’m One Of The World’s 43%

Life goes quick today, very quick actually. We live in the digital age where the little chip of silicon drives our lives and thus, we the humanoids run faster powered by the cutting edge technology. Humans you know, but our ancestors would call us humanoids. The beings who look like humans but are different from humans in the way they work. Look what the autocorrect does, how many of us can spell “schizophrenia” correctly?  Try it! I don’t know why I could think of schizophrenia as an example only, scratches head in puzzle. Oh well, I spelled it correctly. That’s good! I hope my bubble doesn’t burst when I run the spell checker, fingers crossed. And how many of you remember more than five contact numbers? That’s a humanoid for you. Why memorize while a piece of silicon can serve as the memory card and a software can instantly complete the word having typed first three letters only. Sigh. So, we be the humanoids… in the minds of the primitive humans who would actually the faces and whereabouts of all the travellers who ever came by, during their lifetime. And our companions? All be friends with cellular devices and laptops; it is the year two thousand and sixteen by the Gregorian calendar

Cell phones are important. They are one of the most revolutionary technological inventions of all times, the wheel with its due place in history though. A device for instant communication, a tool for keeping calendar, notes and alarms and a screen on the other side of which lies the whole world, be thankful to internet that the world is actually a click away… given a smartphone, in most cases, it is a swipe away. These cell phones are now what steer our lives, we need them. They are our companions, they connect us to everything we want, and they travel with us as well. They keep us company when there is none around and help us share with those who are far away. What else is a companion? By definition, regardless of being a non-living and manmade and a piece of technology, smartphones are companions.

I’m one of the world’s forty three percent. I have a smartphone and by all classifications I am not a child to be excluded from this category. According to the Pew Research Centre report, only forty three percent of the world’s population is a smartphone user. South Korea has the highest percentage of adult smartphones users being eighty eight percent and Ethiopia with four percent being the last ranker. More strikingly, Pakistan has only eleven percent score on this scale and I am one of those eleven percent. My companion makes me one of the world’s forty three percent… A humanoid myself…

Smartphones Users Percentage



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