One Yellow Crane

Smiles to everyone, here’s wishing everyone a very pleasant Sunday all the way from Lahore. I have been away from a few days now, strange schedules. Eid is around the corner and Ramazan is about to end, festivity is growing every hour here in our city. It is that beautiful time of the year which is much awaited and cherished by all. We hope and pray that everything goes well and the whole nation celebrates in joy and peace. Faith in humanity is revived when you see “the wall of kindness” being put up for the needy. Everyone puts something there, clothes or shoes, non-perishable eatables and more. Those who need them come by and take what they need.

Wall of Kindness in Lahore

Everyone does more charity in Ramazan than they do otherwise. It is blissful and satisfying to volunteer for a charitable organization. I has been a decade since my first endeavour for Shuakat Khunum Memorial Cancer Hospital and it has been a fulfilling journey, I have learned a lot and taken a lot from this. This year’s Ramazan campaign was no exception. We hope that together we can save one life if not more. Life is beautiful. Everyone who reads me, I want to request you to look around you and create happiness for yourselves and others… for me too… together we can have a more peaceful, more liveable world. We can save many from giving up. Smile at a sad face, you might be the only one smiling at him.

Imran Khan, Founder of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, with Huzaifa, a cancer patient, at the first fund-raiser iftar Dinner in Lahore

Hopefully people will be kind to each other after Ramazan too, including myself.

It’s the last Sunday before Eid so I don’t expect it be a very quiet one. For now I am doing nothing though and it’s quiet, only my keyboard’s clicking as I talk to you over my gadget. While I was roaming around the house I got myself a yellow paper, lying idle. He was alone in the shelf, the books were still sleeping I believe. I folded that paper into a crane. I learned this a long while ago, the Japanese origami crane. I can’t fold one thou fold a paper correctly. You need a square paper for origami art though. The paper I found was a regular A4 rectangular shaped one so I cut it square myself, not exactly the six inches square shaped origami paper but it served well.

Taken with Lumia Selfie
Yellow Crane

According to the Japanese legend, if you fold a thousand of these cranes your one wish will come true. I folded myself one yellow crane today, a Japanese kid would definitely do better than I did though – scratches her head with a confessional smile.

I have folded one, not a thousand cranes, but I wish for a brighter tomorrow for all.




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