Three Word Story: Wall

Good day, everyone around the world. Hope you are having a good week. Ask me, can’t wait for Saturday – that’s weekend for me! Don’t have many plans for that but a weekend is a weekend no matter what! Don’t you agree? I bet you do!

Here I am typing again. I found a picture again and so here is a three word story on “Wall!” Walls brings much to one’s mind, many kinds of thoughts and perceptions. What do you perceive when you think about Wall? Apart from the blue tinted walls of your bedroom, those are mine, and the Wall Street Journal of course! Wall can be a hindrance or a protection. We can break all walls if we wish and we can make one strong wall if we want. With Unity, yes we can! United we stand, divided we fall. Without unity all our assaults are weak and all our defences are frail.

Here’s the picture:


And the Three Word Story is: Together We Can!


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