Better Than The Best

Much is queer about the human nature. What is very interesting, ironic and queer is that no human is perfect, perfection is only the Almighty’s trait, yet a human always seeks better than he already has, better than the best. Be it his material needs or spiritual pursuits, all a man wants is what is better than what is in his possession already. That is no disorder if one tries to state of it as one, it is nothing odd either. It is universal to every being called human and for this very reason, satisfaction is elusive to him! Acceptance is not everyone’s attitude, it is an essence of nature that not many have. Humans never look down and take satisfaction and be grateful for being blessed more than the underprivileged, a man always looks up envious of those blessed more than him…. The faint distinction between wants and greed is thus delusional. It is but human nature to seek more, want better….A said the poet,

Hai justujoo keh khoob sey hai khoob-tar kahaan

Ab theherti hai dekhiye ja kar nazar kahaan

  • Maulana Altaf Hussein Hali

To seek the better than the best is the quest

Have to see now where the sight will rest

  • Translated by Zahra


Better Than The Best


6 thoughts on “Better Than The Best”

  1. Interesting! I agree with you that this characteristic of always looking for more can lead us down some dark paths, but it has its upside too… If we weren’t always seeking to improve ourselves, we’d probably still be living in caves!


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