Three Word Story: The Lantern

Too many ideas spinning yet I can’t convince myself to write about anything. People would generally refer to it as the Writer’s Block. However, the case is quite different from my perspective. Writing is something very natural for me. It is a way of expressing my thoughts and opinions which I generally don’t voice. The name of this blog, Facts And Commentary, is very self-explanatory in this regard. I observe, contemplate and then make a comment through the medium called writing.  For the past two days I have made at least ten drafts on ten different thoughts but have failed to complete even one. A troublesome situation it is. I am doubtful of my own thoughts perhaps, and that’s not that problematic… I believe.

I decided on playing my favourite game, given the troublesome situation I am faced with. I have grown Fond of this kind of storytelling, I presume. I captioned the following picture for my Three Word Story:


Three Word Story: Find Your Legend.

The story or the caption as it is, is inspired from Paulo Coelho’s classic, The Alchemist. I have read this book five times and wouldn’t mind a sixth read either. Each one of us has a personal legend of our own. Our lives have a purpose, we bear a destiny defined by the decision we make to cross the path to our fate. However, the personal legend needs to be sought if not through omens as in case of Santiago, through contemplations and interpretations of the patterns of our own nature. The path the self-discovery is never-ending; however, the journey must continue. I agree with Coelho when he says, “Everyone on Earth has a treasure that awaits him!” And that treasure is the realisation of his personal legend!

If I had to make one book recommendation to anyone, it would be” The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

6 thoughts on “Three Word Story: The Lantern”

  1. Paulo Coelho is love and The Alchemist is splendid indeed. Loved every singe bit of it.

    If you have time – do read The Fifth mountain by Paulo Coelho (coming from quite a big fan of all of his books except some very weird ones – like Eleven Minutes)

    Thank you. Happy Breathing!

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    1. Greetings Bilal,
      The Fifth Mountain is on my list, will read it soon. Coelho always gives me food for thought and leaves me inspired. I have read Eleven Minutes and I’m afraid, the reviews are no different from yours.
      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.
      Light & Peace.


      1. Yeah Coelho is amazing. Love to read from his readers, all of his books are inspiring in their own way and only those who have read him knows how.

        No worries. Take care.

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  2. When you make a typo in the only comment on a wordpress post with some 150+ followers – you’re tangled between feelings of Guilt and Joy – oh Typos.



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