Who she was, who has become, who she dreams to be, not merely questions but pieces of a jigsaw which when stitched together would construct her being. Retrospective, introspective, contemplative she grew. Carefully put together, an image appeared, each piece fitting well. Gaping in perplexity, she felt familiar yet unfamiliar with the image before her eyes, she blinked. It puzzled her, the unfamiliarity. She left the stitched pieces to reflect the dim light of the pale fluorescent lamp. A blue light scattered in the room as quietly slid the curtain to gaze at the night sky, it was blue, blue in the glimmer of the distant stars before the sky could be lit amber by a sunrise. Before the dawn, she woke up to a realization, her unfamiliar future resided in her dreams floating on the horizons in the sky of her will… she is… an open book of riddles even to herself!