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In The Eyes…


A tint.


A hue.

A shade you see,

I see another.

Grey may just be it,

But not as absolute,

As the thick black,

The pristine white.

You see what you do,

I see what I see,

And it’s all in the eyes,

Eyes of a seer!


The Journey

Life is no bed of roses

Many challenges it poses

It is journey each one makes, arduous and long,

At the summit, begins the race when bangs the gong

Along his chosen path one begins to stride

With nothing but courage for the ride

Many cross his path, he befriends a few

Each gifts him with an understanding, all new

His road may be the route taken by many

Or perhaps a path never chosen by only the uncanny

He is none else’s shadow,

Unlike he finds in the meadow

He is blessed as are they

But never in the same way

It is nature’s law

None is without a flaw

None is without a quality

That’s nature’s generosity

His life is, this, his own

A unique flower of an ordinary seed sown

Through the woods, across the vale

Following the light, with the gale

He walks his chosen path, his destiny

Falls the water in magical symphony

Blossoms the morning glory

Whistles on the bank, the ivory

Tweets the humming bird, the melody,

Tells the world how he moves slow and steady

Hops by the little bunny

Tells all time is money

The cliff knows the tale of his tribulations,

It has seen the rainbow of his jubilations

Miles from the summit comes the traveler,

Wiser and stronger, now a battler

At the edge of the cliff, the vale looks greener

Above his head, the sky looks brighter

Wind fondles with his hair now so white

A feeble smile blooms, eyes so bright

His wrinkles testify his endeavours

Hair that speak of the trials

For his wins, he now smiles

Acceptance sparkles in his eyes

All regrets, it certainly defies

Writes the book, the last leaf

Acceptance heals all the grief

For the forgone, a reward is must

Because only the Almighty is Just!


Let Hope Flicker!



Smile to the sad as does to you the morning sun!

Lend a hand to the fallen, he may join your run!

How cold shall it be without a shawl?

When was the last you visited the mall?

Laugh in the moment with those seeking happiness!

To those silent for ages, lend an ear of benevolence!

Carrying the baggage of time each one wears!

A caress, a pat, gentle touch is good for tears!

Every morning when the birds twitter,

For those in the dark, let hope flicker!

One’s humanity is but an illusion, a deception,

With a heart devoid of empathy, compassion!

Hear the beat? Even the empty seashell echoes!

Does it know what bliss is and what are woes?

Aimless Drifting


It is nothing but aimless drifting,

A life without a reason for living!

What shall you do without an ambition?

What is there without an aspiration?

Why shall you be kind or wise?

How meaningful shall be a sunrise?

How shall you feel tormented or jubilant?

Why shall you advocate, be rebel or defiant?

With no challenges to face, victory to cherish?

With no desire to prevail, fear to perish?

With no sense of grace?

Without humility’s trace?

Without seeking the solace?

Without endearing an embrace?

Without nothing to enquire?

Having none to inspire?

It is merely a count of days!

A watch on when the wanderer strays!

Have your grain before the dusk falls!

Live, not pass, before your time calls!





In Your Heart…

Picsart2016-08-3--22-38-19Lahore is welcoming spring with all its hospitality and so here is the first shot, click of an instant fondness. I don’t know how well this beautiful craft of nature has been captured and how apt is this little composition; however, this is all I saw in the lens and this is all I have thought because of it…

On the verge of a fall,
On the edge of a quit,
On the isle across the sea,
On the farthest horizons,
In the middle of nowhere,
In a word of prayer,
In sparkle of a raindrop,
In flicker of a candle,
For littleness of a moment,
Like dawn of a crescent,
In you heart, feel away…
Resides your happiness…