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Snapshot Story: Cloudy April Afternoon

Captured on 04/02/2017 in Lahore!

Beyond the clouds of incertitude,

awaits your true destiny!


The Cash Counter


Take a wild guess, what do you think it is? Pardon me for the weird angle and not a complete, clear shot for there were a lot of people… typical of traditional Lahori markets. This is lower wall of  a cash counter at a traditional Lahori shop. I wish I could make a more elaborate shot not just the details. However, isn’t it enough to leave anyone awestruck? This is a cloth, hand-crafted with beads, dabka and tilla, pinned to the wooden wall of the cash counter with utmost mastery and made me click one hast shot walking past it.

Snapshot: Morning Sky

Morning Sky In Lahore (10/03/2016)


In the melody of oblivion, rung my morning. Another dawn, another day and another opportunity sang out… all that was there for me to fly away, over the tall spring green tree tops and into the white embrace of heights… Just another opportunity to live, just another bright prospect, just another day to live, just another morning yet not just another morning, a whole new beginning to resume what had been left unfinished, a new beginning to the begun and the salvation in hands of hope… the morning!

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In Your Heart…

Picsart2016-08-3--22-38-19Lahore is welcoming spring with all its hospitality and so here is the first shot, click of an instant fondness. I don’t know how well this beautiful craft of nature has been captured and how apt is this little composition; however, this is all I saw in the lens and this is all I have thought because of it…

On the verge of a fall,
On the edge of a quit,
On the isle across the sea,
On the farthest horizons,
In the middle of nowhere,
In a word of prayer,
In sparkle of a raindrop,
In flicker of a candle,
For littleness of a moment,
Like dawn of a crescent,
In you heart, feel away…
Resides your happiness…

A January Rain…

Lahore, on a cold rainy winter evening in January is simply stunning. First rain of 2016 falls this evening… Pitter-patter raindrops, the soothing music of the spattering little droplets, the cold gusts of wind fondling with the joyous leaves, the rustling dance of the swaying branches as fondles with them the mischievous wind… the sudden reddening of the sky veiled in the heavy curtain of grey clouds… flashes of lightning, crashes of thunder, heavy rain showers…  nature is beautiful, unpredictable… mesmerizing in its manifestation of the Almighty and enthralling in the exhibition of His power… an imagery so captivating as a cult!

Rain, it washes off the dirt, the dirt of sorrows. The sprinkling music of joys, the refreshing elixir that rejuvenates the little delights of life. It comes as if washing away the canvas of life for us to splash fresh new colours on it, free of dirt, with new opportunity to paint a brighter picture…

But why the sky roars? With the blessings perhaps, it expresses its anger for all our deeds of immorality… justly.

So the canvas has been washed away for the new year tonight… How shall I paint is on me… the colours of my choice…

A blurry over the shoulder shot... My phone got wet :(
A blurry over the shoulder shot… My phone got wet 😦

Why Light?


Dusk had fallen over the city of Lahore, the sun had dipped into the distant horizons of the City of Life and the time to thank Thomas Edison and Count Volta had come once again! Courtesy these science savvy men, Lahore is a night owl, it never sleeps! Clicked, turned on, lit the lamp! I and my habit of fixing a gaze on things for long enough to prick their instincts, my due apologies to masterly crafter lamp and the divergently flying rays of light. The image fancied me and so, I set my lens on it, clicked, captured… captured the light flying in the darkness, the glow in the shadows…

One lamp in a dark room, lit brightly, captivated me and my gaze, How could it do that? I am not sure but, perhaps, finding light in the dark is the struggle we all indulge in! We search for light because it guides the way, because we seek hope…