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Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.

  • Buddha




Three Quotes,Three Days: Day:3! … Delayed Post

Exams, cursed exams! I had written the post for the third round of Anand’s challenge having spoken my heart about the tragic event of the 16th December 2014 but I forgot to post it. Well, I am amending the post for today, the birthday of the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah!

Three quotes chosen are:

“Think hundred times before you take a decision. But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man!”

  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah


“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve!”

  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah




Greetings, dear friends, with a happy smile. Finals are going well and I shall soon be midway on my journey through the junior year. Its winters in Lahore, chilly, foggy, misty… it’s Lahori December-like in Lahore. I am back with the second round of Anand’s challenge!

Challenge’s Rules

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Pondering on the challenge, these three quotes struck me the first so these are my pick for the Day 2!


Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.

  • Mohsin Hamid



Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life!

  • Omar Khayyam



Amal sey zindagi banti hai, Jannat bhi jahannum bhi

Yeh khaki apni fitrat mein, na noori hai na naari hai

(Deeds are what make life into a heaven or hell

This creature of clay is neither, by nature, of light nor of fire)

  • Allama Mohammad Iqbal
  • (Translated by: Zahra)


Differences, divides, splits and distances arise when the flower of empathy droops. The human today has gained understanding of one rule of the primitive woods that might is always right and that it is fortune the pursuit of which is the pursuit of happiness. Many of the evils shall die of their own fate if only I and you show a little more respect for each other, a little more understanding of our respective realities and be a little more empathetic to the reflections of our eyes and hearts. Your shoes would never me and mine aren’t cut out for you. But does it mean I shall never mend yours and you shall dispose of mine when a lace gets damaged? Life blooms in empathy. Happiness is subjective as it must be but is it to be weighed in units of envy, affluence and irony solely? Shall you be the sole soul to strive for survival how surreal shall be the sounds of life? Endeavours must continue for it is actions that measure the liveliness of you but, remember to stop on the dusty rugged road, dust off the dirt of your cloak, look back to find the dimmed horizon to realize how far have you come, smile in satisfaction of continuing to surge ahead and flaunt your cloak like a royal cape before you may happily resume the stride towards your destination.  It is in now, the happiness, in what you have. Just muscle that brick aside with a meaningless kneel so the road may still be dusty and rugged but a little clearer for the fellows who might follow sooner or later. After all what goes around comes around!


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Three Quotes, Three Days: Day 1!

I found myself in slight bewilderment when I walked through the door into this world of blogging, a few minutes back. Bewilderment because Anand of blabberwockying! had nominated me for the Three Quotes Three Day Challenge! You have my thanks Anand, you considered my acumen for this challenge.

Challenge’s Rules

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Here we are, my three quotes for Day 1 of the challenge!

Taken with Lumia Selfie



You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop!

  • Jalaluddin Rumi



Masjid dha de, mandir dha de, dha de jo kuj dehnda

Bus kisey da dil na dhaween, rab dilaan wich renda

(Destroy the mosque, demolish the temple

Break not one’s heart for God resides in hearts)

  • Abdullah Shah (Baba Bulleh Shah)
  • (Translated by: Zahra)



You do not let the fear of death come in the way of what you believe is your mission in life!

  • Imran Khan


The earth is a planet inhabited by seven billion humans, a race that dominates all other beings in its intellect, nature and history. There are divisions of language, ethnicity and belief and materialistic social classification has been persistent over time as well. However, a commoner of this race has the same five senses and the same body structure. And so they say that together, we, the humans are like drops in a colossal ocean. The reality, however, is the diversification in similarity of our being. Each human is a miracle in himself, in his acts, philosophies and abilities… the ocean is within us! This uniqueness of us, all of us, is the reason that his world exists and continues to progress. However, it is courtesy from the roots of which shoots the stem of collective progress and the much valued unification of diversity! Respects for sentiments is the breeding light for this race of ours to prosper! The race taken by the fear of being vanquished by the fear of demise. There is no subduing the reality of mortality! Immortality is an illusion cast in the lake of the elixir of life, dismantled easily and factually by the fermented ripple of truth! Seek what you seek with profoundness, strive for what you seek with fidelity to the cause of it and not the fear of the struggle being ended midway for success is measured in subjectivity of consequences but failure is objective in the premise of not endeavouring!

My Nominees for Day 1 are:


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Three Strokes of a Brush


Nature always wears the colours of spirit!

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Emerson may have been quite jubilant or very low when he wrote his words. I wasn’t there to have judged him, as Picasso said that colours and features follow the changes of emotions. If only I could observe him…

I splashed these colours on a white sheet and brushed rather freely, save the detailing in the edges of which look to me, like waves… I could have been a little more creative but only if I were versed in the art  of strokes. However, it makes me smile, the vibrancy of the wavering patterns! I enjoyed colouring the blank sheet, quite much to may fancy!

If you were in my place, which colours would you pick? I gave my palette a few many rotations, don’t know what I was looking for!

And so, here is my snapshot story for the week! For more, flip to Snapshot Stories!

Hope you like them!

Smiles, Light and Love!


Words of Worth!

“It is not defeat that destroys you, it is being demoralized by defeat that destroys you!”

Imran Khan

Motivational, inspirational, encouraging and the slice of his very own exemplary life; the man is a true persona of what could be qualified as ambitious, motivated, determined, dedicated, steadfast, upright and courageous. The name is Imran Khan and the life of his, is a success story, a tale of endeavours for what was most casually perceived as impossible but utterly a matter of working unfalteringly, for him! The most successful captain in Pakistan’s cricketing history, the most charismatic and evenly one of the greatest all-rounders in the world of cricket…the ace speedster, the dependable scorer and the skipper to captain to victory; the man whose philanthropy is no less a national heroism by any standards of service to his people; the politician in persona of a struggle against the might of the status quo and a hope of a brighter future for the many of his and my land who dream of living the Pakistan Dream one day!

Needed him to crop a few many stumps out of the sockets for more than two decades for Imran Khan to lead Pakistan to its maiden world championship triumph, having ended up as a semi-finalist five years earlier under his own captaincy. The world came down and the flags went up and we came at number one, the 1992 crown is still cherished by the delirious followers of the sport of cricket, including me!

Imran-Khan-receives-1992-Cricket-World-Cup-Trophy-in-England (2)


Captained the combat against the fatal ailment of cancer as he knocked on every door for charity to build Pakistan’s first and the biggest cancer cure hospital which now serves over seventy percent of its patients for free, run by the most benevolent nation in the world that donates over three billion rupees per annum; they bless him unconditionally for this service. The institution shall stand strong even  after him; proud am I to be a volunteer for the cause. Planted the seeds that shall grow into flowers of educated young Pakistanis on the land of Rikhi, a charitable educational institution; the advocate of education-to-light’s first step towards a brighter tomorrow!


After decades of dwindling survival, hope shimmered in the old eyes with wrinkled bags, faith in destiny reawakened in the hearts and kindled a sharp amber of ambition of turning the tide of battle against the odds of a brighter future when the fourteen year old Pakistan’ Movement for Justice rose, ideology reinforced, to grandeur on October the thirtieth in the year two thousand and eleven when the air in my city seemed electric and the sky became a canvas upon which were splashed or white, green and red; waving flags and awakening hopes.


That was the commencement of the new era, the era of awakening… things have changed massively ever since, yet need of a greater change persists. Eighteen years of unwavering working towards his mission in life, losses and gains, rises and falls… when they said he is down and he is out, he rose up and he fought back and fought hard, with support of millions! In Pashto, the ethnic language of the province under his governance, they call him their leader – zamunga masher Imran Khan dey! The struggle continues… the ace captain is not out… one hundred and twenty six, innings declared; world’s longest sit-in protest demanding the sanctity of votes and the basic rights of the commoners; success is the ripened fruit it bore. The fight shall continue, until the dawn we envision, we dream, we endeavour for… His dream, my dream, our dream!

Churchill said, the courage to continue counts! Imran says, defeat doesn’t destroy you; his actions and inactions are a concrete evidence of his postulate; the results that he has shown… the lesson!