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A Last Semester Sentiment

Kinnaird College Lahore

The pathway I once chose for myself, with dreams, aspirations & ambitions! It will remember the toppings of my faltering footsteps as well as my confident surge, lost laughter and gained smiles… my old self and my new persona! It knows thousands of voices but it will distinguish mine for I’m not just another one, not the fire it could extinguish!


Sixth Beginning…

Begins the new term so did we return… on a cold January morning, wrapped in a shawl, an eastern bearing… Met the trio again having counted twenty days plus seven… You, me, her, and me, you… together we, us… Lahore was in mood too, more gusts and lesser dew… Chatters, clatters, cackles and chuckles… Quantified spice of economics and a debate on quota fixtures, blue, black pens and lined papers with rough textures… None in oblivion of the new beginning, with the year has come the stage next… three remaining and the sixth beginning cherished… the day spent today, just another at Kinnaird…