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Why Facts And Commentary?

Spring is blooming in Lahore, the season that we associate with new beginnings, when the colours of life fly across the vast sky and engulf the City Of Life. As the month of Chet is already nine days old and March is nearing its end, the colours of Holi have already been spread and the lamps of Mela Charaghan are soon to be lit, the rare sight of the Basant kites has also been witnessed by my city and so, I have decided to let my words bud into blossoms as well, cherry or peach, it is for you to discern.


Waving my greetings to everyone, I am Zahra – the voice of Facts And Commentary. I have commented on this before; however, now that I have decided to fly again, this blog is a commentary of an observer upon the various facts… facts which are merely experiences that I tend to collect or perhaps, the philosophy called life. I chose to blog because interacting with people from diversified backgrounds and with varied outlooks is how I learn. One of my teachers, a figure with much influence of me, is of the idea that we should indulge in an open exchange of ideals and thoughts in order to broaden our horizons and grow. I am rather influenced by her. I usually converse with only a few people in a face-to-face exchange, freely, but I can convey much through writing. I can be quite evidential and statistical in my commentaries, but I can be quite animated in my casual elaborations too.  I fancy endeavours in poetry, if that is poetry at all, and I can play caption-the-picture to cultivate stories. I am a strange kind of a writer, perhaps, because I am myself and under my own shadows when I write, but that is precisely what compels me to write… to give words to my own thoughts. The reason to write is to learn and for the reason that it comes naturally; all I require is a mental space to write, a physical space has never been a need when I wish to write.

While my status is a subject to controversy and debate, I make yet another return; however, this time round it is in spring! It would be a pleasant to explore the reasons why you all write. Smiles.

Until next time, Happy Blogging!





W Words

What comes to your mind when you read the letter “W” of the English alphabetical set? Honestly, “What” itself is what comes to my mind when I read the letter W. If you ask me what came to my mind on seeing the particular picture shared below, it brought back the memory of Lofty. Lofty was a crane in the toon series that I watched in my childhood with utmost interest. It is quite amusing that Bob The Builders is not one of the things we leave behind as we leave our childhood during the flight called life. I continue to muse with the trademark slogan I sang so cheerfully when I was a child. “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” It’s the magic spell I cast when completing a task seems very arduous rather impossible.


Meet Lofty! Oh, Scoop and Dizzy are there too!Smiles!


Harking back to the question posed at the beginning, if I think of “What” reading the letter “W” then the economist inside me ponders on the three fundamental questions of economics – What? How? For Whom? These three questions determine resource allocation in any economy. The means to our unlimited ends are quite limited and so we must prioritize our ends in the face of our scarce resources. Building upon these questions the economists tend to propose economic system to maximize public welfare. Economics revolves around these three fundamental question in whichever dimension you hypothesize a problem and that is why this aspiring economist ponders on these three questions when the letter “W” is seen anywhere.

Bid adios to the economist inside me, I think of willpower, wonder, wisdom and welfare… and writing… when I read the letter W. What are your instinctive W words?

My Writing Desk

Am I someone that the formal dictionary would classify as a writer or a blogger? Doubts I carry, regarding my very own potentials while smiling as I contemplate what exactly could be a writer! Is there a set criterion for a writer’s designated writing space? One should have a particular journal or may be specific nook to sneak into, with the laptop? Do we always need to write at night or early morning or pick a particular font? It always is Times New Roman for my academic works, unless specified otherwise. And yeah, I stare at the walls instead of the laptop screen while rummaging through my teeny tiny brain for words, phrases or even linkages and ideas. Trust me, the wall to the right of the bedroom was the same tint of blue as it is today. It was the same on Saturday as well. I am so sad there are no changing portraits on it. How amazing would they look…? A cliff top when I thought height, cosmos when I perceived the space green night sky and crisscross word art when I couldn’t optimize a production function to minimize costs… It’s just a good old plain bluish wall, not that old actually; I had the hue changed a few months back only. Blue is one of the colors I fancy; peaceful and vast like the sky.

The thing is, I don’t really have a writing space. I write when my writing instinct gets functional. “Activating Writing Switch 2.0 alpha. Booting the system. All files copied. Activation complete!” Something similar must be the procedure. At dawn, during dusk, while the sun shines brightly or sleeps the whole house… Lahore tends to keep awake 24/7… I just need the key and words begin to leave imprints on either my laptop, my phone or a writing pad… I don’t really have a space designated for it. And I write here because I enjoy the interactions here. People who take out time to read my words and leave reviews have my thanks and respect. I cherish the conversations in this world of ours, where I am not certain if I fit in.

I have to turn on my Analytical Switch now, assignment and quiz awaiting. My good pals they are! They never leave me alone. Smiles.